On PBS, Jim Lehrer Puts Justice Souter on the "So-Called Liberal Wing" of the Court

October 10th, 2005 3:03 PM

What follows is a brief exchange from Friday's edition of the PBS NewsHour, during a discussion with liberal columnist Mark Shields and conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks on the Harriet Miers nomination. Notice that while conservative critics of the Miers nomination are properly labeled as conservatives, Lehrer insists on watering down the liberal label for Justice David Souter:

Jim Lehrer, anchor: “Why, but, David, why is it that it’s not good enough for the conservatives that George W. Bush vouches for her. ‘I know her, I trust her, don’t worry about it. She’s okay.’ And that’s not good enough.”

David Brooks, columnist: “Two things. First of all, conservatives have been told that before, by Bush’s father, and it didn’t work. So there’s that one concern, the Souter concern. But the second concern, again— ”

Lehrer: "David Souter, appointed by his father, he came out of New Hampshire, and he’s turned out to be part of the so-called, quote, "liberal wing."