Craig Ferguson ribs 60 Minutes

July 21st, 2005 4:12 PM

Not an instance of bias, but a touch of humor: The Late Late Show's host Craig Ferguson gently ribbed his network's entertainment and news lineup during his opening monologue last night/this early morning, scoring laughs off the tedium of CBS's 60 Minutes by comparing that show to braving long lines at theme parks.

“When I first moved to southern California, I went to Disneyland, it was bigger than my hometown. Really, why, I get lost. I loved it though I thought, if I ever have a kid I’m going to bring him or her to Disneyland, and the time is coming, because my son, I think, he’s four years old. He’s ready. He’s, you know, I’m getting little clues, he’s saying things like, ‘Daddy, will you take me to Disneyland.’ I’m ambivalent about taking him to an ABC/Disney theme park. You know, I wish CBS had a theme park too. Imagine the rides? It’d be fantastic. Everybody Rides Raymond, that’d be nice, that’d be nice. CSI of the Caribbean would be a lot, I dunno, 60 Minutes, waiting in line, I dunno, anyway...”