Joy Behar Blasts Sarah Palin's 'Family Values'

October 14th, 2008 3:49 PM

Liberals like Joy Behar claim to have open minds not casting judgment on others, unless of course it involves someone of a different political persuasion. On the October 14 edition of "The View," discussing Sarah Palin’s daugther Bristol’s pregnancy, Behar wondered where Governor Palin’s "family values" are. "The View’s" most reliable leftist berated Palin for allowing her daughter Levi Johnston to date since Freshman year of high school (high schoolers shouldn’t date?) Then playing the race card, Joy railed "if this was a black teenager that was pregnant, Obama’s kids, God forbid, they would be all over it like a cheap suit and you know it."

Sherri Shepherd gave her approval exclaiming "say it baby!" Filling in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Fox News host E.D. Hill, allegedly the conservative voice for the day, conceded "there are double standards."

In the previous segment, E.D. Hill in offering her opinions on child rearing, drew the analogy to Rudy Giuliani’s "broken window theory" crime fighting strategy. Surprisingly, Joy Behar endorsed the strategy and praised Giuliani for implementing it, crediting the former mayor for New York City’s significant drop in crime. Behar did added "now I can’t stand him."

Relevant portions of the transcript follow.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Now you’ll notice that Elisabeth is not here today. She’s on a class trip with her daughter Grace. But we want to keep the playing field level, so our special guest co-host is Fox News Channel’s E.D. Hill. Welcome E.D.


E.D. HILL: When Giuliani started the war on crime, you know, he started with the squeegee guys and everyone thought that’s crazy, you know. The squeegee guys, why? And he said you go after those small quality of life crimes and it starts impacting the bigger ones and I think it’s the same thing-

JOY BEHAR: I agree with that completely.

HILL: It worked.

BEHAR: Totally.

HILL Same thing with kids. You start with those little things and they’re respectful as two year olds and three year olds and four year olds, at 11 they’re going to be called into the school because they talked back to the teacher. They’re gonna- they’re gonna treat people with respect.

BEHAR: When Giuliani did that I really couldn’t stand him and now I can’t stand him. [laughter] But I liked him during-

HILL: I’m so shocked!

BEHAR: -during that period I thought he was absolutely right because before the squeegee, whatever you call them, got off the streets because they were driving everybody crazy, I used to feel unsafe.

HILL: Yes.

BEHAR: I used to feel that there was enormative behavior going on where somebody next to me, a person would not help me.


HILL: Not only is he getting in trouble with mom-in-law for saying "Obama’s a good guy," you know because she’s probably saying "hey get the votes my way." But at the same time she, she really tried to make it an issue to keep kids in school to stem the high school dropout rate in Alaska. And one of the things she said was, you know, there’s nothing, there’s no situation so bad that you can’t get through and get your high school degree.

BEHAR: But E.D, the guy is- the kid is 18 years old and he’s dropping out of high school. Now I was not pushed ahead in school and I graduated at 17. What is wrong with this boy?

HILL: No, no, no. There’s a lot of 18 year old seniors.

BEHAR: Shouldn’t he be graduating?

GOLDBERG: It depends on your birthday is, remember? You don’t remember that.

HILL: Right and the states have different points.

BEHAR: Well, I remember that 18 is when you’re in college and you graduate at 18.


BEHAR: And then he says they were in love since Freshman year. That would make him 14 and her 13.


HILL: Right

BEHAR: So now where is Sarah Palin’s family values here? I don’t understand that.

HILL: Well, this is a family value. I’m sure they are in love.

BEHAR: Wait a second. If this was a black teenager that was pregnant, Obama’s kids, God forbid, they would be all over it like a cheap suit and you know it.

SHERRI SHEPHERD: Say it baby! [applause] You said it.

HILL: There are- there are double standards.

GOLDBERG: There are absolute double standards.