Stephanopoulos Ties Palin to Corrupt Alaska GOP Without Telling Whole Story

August 29th, 2008 12:41 PM

Confirming that John McCain picked Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, as his running mate, Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos were quick to jump on the corruption within Alaska’s Republican party, but did not tell the whole story. George Stephanopolous noted that Senator Ted Stevens is under indictment and the state’s at large congressman, Don Young is "facing corruption charges is still in the middle of a recount for their Republican primary."

All of which are true, but Stephanopoulos, a former Clinton aide, did not reveal that Palin actually supports Don Young’s primary opponent. Stephanopoulos also does not seem to have the same concern about Chicago’s Democratic machine when covering Obama.

In fairness, host Charlie Gibson called her a "Republican maverick" and noted she has been "sharply critical" of Alaska’s corrupt Republican machine.

The transcript follows.

CHARLIE GIBSON: Well, she is considered a Republican maverick in the state of Alaska. Indeed she came in to prominence there and was urged to run for statewide office because she had been sharply critical of other Republicans and had indeed been involved in some accusations of Republican officials that got them removed from office, Republican regulars in that state in effect. But George, John McCain has been so critical of Barack Obama for his lack of experience. Indeed we heard Barack Obama spending some time last night in his acceptance speech defending his experience. And now John McCain reaches out to somebody so young with so little experience.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: And it will be interesting to see how he defends that. You know, the first criteria of picking a vice president is this someone ready to be president? And I think that’s exactly where the Democrats will go on this choice. Is this truly someone who is ready to be president? And we’ll see how she performs on the national stage, but that’s going to be exactly where the critique comes in. Of course, no national security experience whatsoever. John McCain can say he’s got that experience. He’s going to be the man at the top of the ticket. Another point about Alaska Charlie, this is a state with a lot of political trouble right now for the Republicans. The senator, Republican senator Ted Stevens facing indictment as he runs for re-election. He’s been indicted He’s going to go to trial in September. Don Young, another, their congressman facing corruption charges is still in the middle of a recount for his Republican primary. And of course, Alaska is, this pick is not going to do anything for John McCain in the electoral college. Alaska should be a must win state for, for the Republicans anyway. So it’s, it’s clearly a bold personal pick by John McCain. We’ll see how it works.

GIBSON: And a lot of people felt that her name would not be picked when her name was mentioned. Everybody said "no that won’t happen" because she’s involved in something of a scandal herself, her sister is getting a-


GIBSON: I’m sorry. Go ahead.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That’s right. There’s an inspector general now looking into whether she tried to remove a state trooper who I think used to be married to her sister.

GIBSON: That’s right.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And whether she interfered in that. And that’s what, that’s what they’re looking into now. The inspector general just started that about three weeks ago.