Pot Meet Kettle: Joy Behar Blasts Cunningham for Spreading 'Lies'

February 27th, 2008 2:26 PM

Joy Behar accused conservative radio host Bill Cunningham of wanting "to put out lies" about Barack Obama, yet the "View" co-host struggles with the truth about the Bush administration. The February 27 edition of "The View" discussed Cunningham’s "Barack Hussein Obama" comments and McCain’s subsequent apology.

When Sherri Shepherd claimed to "know fully the intention" of Cunningham’s repetition of Senator Obama’s middle name, Behar added "he knows, he just doesn’t care. He wants to put out the big lies, you know."

Perhaps Ms. Behar should move out of her glass house before casting stones as she has spread many falsehoods about the Bush administration. She claimed the current President Bush raised taxes, he did not. She stated the Bush campaign, "who got out of the war," was behind the "Swift Boat" ads, where as actual Vietnam Vets not affiliated with the Bush campaign aired them. Behar accused Vice President Cheney of hypocrisy for supporting the Marriage Amendment despite his lesbian daughter. Cheney has said publicly he opposes the Marriage Amendment.

Joy Behar admitted that it’s okay for her to personally attack President Bush, but not okay for others to personally attack Senator Clinton. Maybe she holds the same standard for spreading falsehoods about others.