Rosie on Attorney Firings: False Facts, Bizarre Comparisons, and Impeachment Call

March 28th, 2007 3:47 PM

The ladies of "The View" tackled the U.S. attorney firing controversy with more false information, comparisons to the mob, and once again Rosie O’Donnell called for impeachment. Rosie reported her take of how the attorney firings went down.

O’DONNELL: Okay, Republican officials who supposedly called these judges that were fired and said, are you going to prosecute this Democratic, and they said, I can't talk about that because I'm actually a judge, and it's illegal. And they said "click," and they got fired.


O’DONNELL: Now what is really scary, are the ones who they called and said yeah, sure I will. And they're still on the bench. That’s even more frightening.

First, these were attorneys, not judges, the president fired. Judges are appointed for life and the president has no authority to fire them. As previously noted, there were plausible and very defensible reasons for the firings of at least three U.S. attorneys. One reason for Carol Lam’s dismissal was her failure to prosecute gun crimes. Rosie O’Donnell, a famous gun control advocate, did not note that. Token non-liberal Elisabeth Hasselbeck did not challenge Rosie on that claim.

Rosie brought up her favorite subject again, calling to impeach the president. Hasselbeck felt that would be "a bit extreme right now."

O’DONNELL: I think if there’s not enough reason to call for the impeachment of the president, I don't know what it takes. Somebody needs to stand up and do it.


HASSELBECK: I think it's a bit extreme right now. I think it’s a bit extreme right now.

This led Rosie to speak of her other obsession: The administration is allegedly "torturing" terrorists.

 O’DONNELL: You have to have seen that documentary. Did you see his handwriting on the torture memos?

HASSELBECK: It standing on a box for eight hours was not that bad. That's what [Donald Rumsfeld’s] hand writing said.

O’DONNELL: And the people who were on the box, Elisabeth, were hooded, they had electrodes to them.

HASSELBECK: Right, he did not, he did not authorize that

O’DONNELL: He just wanted to stand on the box like you did on "Survivor."

HASSELBECK: I’m saying if you’re going by what he authorized.

O’DONNELL: It was a torture memo.

Joy Behar exclaimed this is another Watergate. Rosie did not buy that, this is much bigger in Rosie’s World.

BEHAR: It's Watergate again.

REID: It is. That’s what they’re saying.

BEHAR: There’s a lot of that going on. It’s deja vu all over again.

O’DONNELL: It's Watergate exponentially increased, because Watergate was Nixon and a bunch of guys who broke into his competitors building to see what their plans were.

BEHAR: There was abuse of power in those days and all of that.

O’DONNELL: Not to the extent of this administration. I mean, come on.

Finally, Rosie, in a really bizarre statement, compared firing only a certain number of prosecutors, as opposed to all of them, to "mob tactics"

O’DONNELL: But wait, but wait, if he wiped out 95 judges the first day, and you don't cherry pick the ones who are going to hurt your administration. That’s very different. That's mob tactics. That's Tony Soprano. We’re going to lean on people. That's what the president’s doing. That’s scary.