Daily News Emphasizes Race of Criminals' Targets But Not of Criminals

August 13th, 2005 11:40 AM

On August 11, 2005, "The Phildelphia Daily News" placed political correctness above public safety in its article, "Teen Thuggary in Chestnut Hill."

Due to the particularly violent nature of these crimes, including the bloody beating of a 42 year old "mentally impared" man, a 37 year old woman being shoved violently to the ground to steal her purse, and five criminals punching of a man in the face and then "the attacker and his four friends kick[ing] the victim repeatedly before stealing a cell phone and a wallet," it would seem to be only common sense that the "Daily News" would give a description of the attackers. How else can the people of Chestnut Hill keep alert, aid police in their investigations, or avoid danger?

However, the "Daily News" does nothing of the sort "Over the past two months, starting on June 19, there have been at least eight muggings and assaults by adolescents traveling in packs of up to seven youths, police said."

So, what do they look like? Who knows, but the "Daily News" is quite a bit clearer on who is getting mugged, "Police Inspector Joseph Sullivan, of the Northwest Detectives, said the teens don't target a specific group. 'It's basically targets of opportunity: male, female, black, white... they're not picky.'" So at least the Chestnut Hill attackers are equal opportunity criminals.

Why would the "Daily News" take the step to report that the attacks are not racially motivated but not report the race of the attackers? The answer can be found by reading another local newspaper, "The Chestnut Hill Local," "The most recent series of assaults began on July 31 when a man in his early 40s was beaten by a group of three to four black males near the intersection of Winston Road and Mermaid Lane around 5 p.m., according to a police report. The attackers fled when a motorist intervened. Bloodied, the victim left the scene and reported the incident from home."

The "Philadelphia Daily News" ignored reporting this police report because it is not politically correct to report that "packs", or in other words, "gangs" of African-American teens are preying on the citizens of a predominantly white, affluent area.