MRC VP Dan Gainor on FNC: Activist Term ‘Pink Slime’ Smears American Company

March 28th, 2012 2:41 PM

ABC’s attacks on USDA-approved beef have already put American jobs in jeopardy, and Dan Gainor, the Media Research Center’s VP of Business and Culture, appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now” on March 28 to discuss the sliming of Beef Products Inc. by the news media.

Jon Scott asked Gainor how the term “pink slime” came to be used by the media. “This is an activist driven name. Somebody who didn’t like the product, didn’t like the process, who used to work for the USDA came up with it 10 years ago,” Gainor said.

Gainor pointed out how popular the pejorative term has become on ABC, which has led the charge against the beef product, saying, “It’s been popularized by the media. Just ABC alone use the term ‘pink slime’ 52 times …” He called it “wildly unfair,” and said any company would be hard pressed to “survive that kind of network assault.”

True. The “award winning” company has already had to furlough more than 600 people thanks to network attacks.