Foreign Interference? CNN: 'Vast Majority' of U.S. Allies 'Want Biden'

November 5th, 2020 9:15 AM

For once on Tuesday, CNN wasn't talking about Russian interference, but that President Trump is dangerous to U.S. alliances, and that much of the world prefers Biden over Trump. 

During the 1:00 pm EST hour of CNN’s Election Day coverage, the leftist network made the case that the "vast majority" of U.S. allies are rooting for Trump to lose. Host Erin Burnett claimed: “It isn’t just Americans who are on edge. The world is watching. Everyone cares about the American election, but right now more than ever. Everything is at stake.”

Despite the insinuations and claims given to CNN by the DNC, the world would be watching the election even if Trump wasn’t on the ballot. Now, those who kept up with the news in 2016 will likely remember the exact same warnings leading up to that election.

CNN chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour joined the coverage to hype: “On the whole and by vast majority they want Biden to win. Why? They want America to get back to its regular role in the world as a sort of gatherer, convener of the multilateral world order that worked since the end of World War II, which the United States had been supporting and leading.”

Reports have shown that relationships with NATO and the rest of Europe remain healthy despite the claims that were made four years ago. CNN was wrong before and they are making the same claims again: “[Trump] Has tried to an extent ruffle NATO and what it does, pull troops out of Western Germany. Done a lot of things that have destabilized the alliance.” CNN’s left-wing agenda prevented them from giving the other side of this debate.



To the network’s credit, it do acknowledge that many Middle Eastern countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia would prefer a Trump re-election, though neglected to provide a litany of other countries that have also been reported to support the President.

Even Trump’s Middle East victories have been put into a bad, almost exploitive light: “Any idea of peace between Israelis and Palestinians and enabled Netanyahu to dispense with the idea of land for peace or anything for peace by engineering these normalizations with the UAE, with Bahrain, Sudan which cost Israel a big, fat nothing and in the great interest of Israel.”

When discussing how America's two greatest adversaries view the election, the leftist network couldn’t help attack the President: “ a swipe, potentially a swipe directed at President Trump, last week President Xi [Jingping] said the following words -- in the contemporary world no amount of unilateralism, protectionism or extreme egotism could work.”

CNN has often used foreign policy to attack Trump. Whether he is “destroying our alliances”, or “promoting Russian interference,” the network is always using the left’s faulty foreign policy ideas to attack the President.

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A transcript of the November 3rd Coverage is included below:

Election Day in America
1:56 PM ET

ERIN BURNETT: And welcome back to CNN special coverage of "Election day in America." Stores boarded up for preparation of possible unrest. It isn’t just Americans are on edge. The world is watching. Everyone cares about the American election, but right now more than ever. Everything is at stake. Our chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour joins me now. Christiane, it is an important moment. Just because everybody cares deeply. Everybody is watching this. I guess, I don't want to oversimplify it, but who do America's allies want to win tonight? 

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: On the whole and by vast majority they want Biden to win. Why? They want America to get back to its regular role in the world as a sort of gatherer, convener of the multilateral world order that worked since end of world War II which the United States that been supporting and leading and don't like what we're told by the former British chancellor and treasury secretary, former foreign minister Phillip Hamlin said to us he didn't think another four years would be survivable of a Trump presidency, because he calls it the world in a deep freeze of a hostile U.S. disengagement. Sounds complex, but what it means is the U.S. pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, the climate deal. Has tried to an extent ruffle NATO and what it does, pull troops out of Western Germany. Done a lot of things that has destabilized the alliance. So certainly Europeans would like to see a Biden win although they do not think it will be American engagement status quo ante and know the U.S. is fed up with international intervention. Go further in the allied camp, go to Israel. They would like to see a Trump win. No doubt about it. Although they have a nice statement provided in case Biden should win. They like the fact that President Trump has, as they say, raised the bar in terms of international engagement or U.S. Engagement with the Middle East. It has seen what they wanted, an American President isolate Iran even further than its ever been isolated, give the current government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu everything he wants in terms of a peace deal. It's in the deep freeze. Any idea of peace between Israelis and Palestinians and enabled Netanyahu to dispense with the idea of land for peace or anything for peace by engineering these normalizations with the UAE, with Bahrain, Sudan which cost Israel a big, fat nothing and in the great interest of Israel. Those are some of the issues from allied camps. Pros and cons. Of course, Saudi Arabia and the fossil fuel countries would very much like President Trump. 

BURNETT: Right, of course. You know, you do look at, right, Israel, Jerusalem, UAE and Israel now have a trade agreement. There have been things that happened in the past four years that many would have thought were a long way off, if ever. What about Amercia’s adversaries. You know Christiane, we always, you know, in all the intelligence reporting Russia was rooting for Trump, and China for Biden and who’s intervening and Iran also involved in electioneering. When you look at the adversary side of the ledger, what do you see? 

AMANPOUR: Take the biggest one which is essentially competitor, if you don't want to call it adversary, which is China. And I think this is important because it’s where President Trump put a huge amount of energy whether it’s on trade, tariffs, whether trying to rebalance what many think should be a China/U.S. Relationship. There's a major competition now for global dominance between these two huge powers. Now, in a swipe, potentially a swipe directed at President Trump, last week President XI said the following words -- in the contemporary world no amount of unilateralism, protectionism or extreme egotism could work. Russia hedging its bet and so would Iran but would prefer Biden.