Scott Jennings SCHOOLS CNN Panel on Biden ‘Decency’, Decline

July 7th, 2024 12:50 PM

Watching CNN commentator Scott Jennings these days is like watching a live performance of the cat salad meme, wherein he’ll just blow up whatever talking point salad his Democrat co-panelists are trying to cook up, with the aid and abetting of his hosts.

Watch as Jennings demolishes Rep. Debbie Dingell’s (D-MI) talking points as she tries to move off the ongoing train wreck that is the ongoing debate and discussion of President Joe Biden’s mental acuity and fitness to campaign for the presidency of the United States:

DEBBIE DINGELL: I mean, we need to get talking about Donald Trump and his performance and all the issues that are at stake, and the contrast. This has been… you guys are having a great time.

SCOTT JENNINGS: How can we stop talking about it? It's only the Commander-in-Chief for the United States we're talking about. He's not just a candidate…

DINGELL: Which is why we need to be talking about Donald Trump and all the things that he's done…

JENNINGS: You’ve got…

DINGELL: … and how he wants to be a dictator and how he wants to make… thinks Roe versus Wade is the greatest thing that he ever did. How he wants to give your billionaire friends a tax cut, and thinks January 6th was a great thing. 

JENNINGS: You give me too much credit. I wish I had some billionaire friends. You got colleagues public, and private, who want Joe Biden to step down. You've got a lot of colleagues in your conference who want him to get out of the way and what they're really saying is, “we don't have confidence in him to lead for the next four years”, which really means they don't have confidence in him to lead today. This is not a campaign problem. This is a White House problem. There are real questions about whether he's acting independently he said, by the way, in his interview with Stephanopoulos the other night he wanted to do three things: restore decency, now he's got Hunter Biden running the White House senior staff meetings. He said he wanted to do something for the middle-class…

DANA BASH: Hunter Biden's not running The White House. C’mon.

DOUG THORNELL: That's crazy, Scott.

JENNINGS: I'm sorry. I'm just- I'm just reading the journalism. I'm pro-journalist here. I'm reading the journalism about Hunter Biden running the ship here. He said he wanted to help the middle class, they're being ravaged by record inflation. And he said he wanted to unite the country and he is the most divisive, unpopular president in the modern era. He has failed by his own standards and now his own party is petrified that you're headed for a historic wipeout in the fall. Now, I think they're dug in like Alabama ticks. I don't think this family's going anywhere, even as Democrats want him to get out of the way because they know what’s coming.

The journalism to which Jennings refers is the latest Axios item on the ongoing Biden debacle, which opens thusly:

We're now in uncharted, historic waters: President Biden — backed by first lady Jill Biden and his convicted son, Hunter, who's serving as de facto gatekeeper for longtime friends — says that nothing, besides an act of God, will persuade him to quit his re-election campaign.

  • But outside Biden's protective bubble, a fast-growing number of Democrats are praying for —and plotting — a more earthly intervention. They want everyone from the Obamas to congressional leaders to beg Biden to drop out by this Friday.

Indirectly citing the “goodest” portion of George Stephanopoulos’ interview with Biden, Jennings would go on to call into question the entire premise of the Biden campaign, which was to “defend democracy”, but increasingly appears to defend little more than the Biden’s family entitlement to the trappings of power.

These exchanges are a reminder that efforts, aided and abetted by the media to both suppress Biden’s cognitive decline from public view and suppress news of a Democratic primary, which pushed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to file as an independent, are in large part what have led to this unique moment in history. 

Jennings, in his own way, cuts through the much of the noise about candidacies and conventions, and continues to make the point, no matter how much the media would like to stay on the political side of these arguments: if Biden is unfit to campaign, he is unfit to serve.