MSNBC Pauses Its Ritual Defecation On GOP Debate, Acknowledges Tim Scott's Girlfriend

November 9th, 2023 1:22 AM

The second hour of MSNBC’s post-debate analysis, anchored by former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, paused its screeching so as to acknowledge what was described as the highlight moment of Sen. Tim Scott’s night.

Watch as Symone Sanders-Townsend breaks news mid-rant:

SYMONE SANDERS-TOWNSEND:  I thought that Tim Scott was very underwhelming. He had a lot of, I was texting with folks during the debate, and he had a lot to say about college campuses, but nothing to say when HBCUs were under attack. And so it’s like- this faux outrage- I think he was trying to have a moment that never materialized. But his girlfriend came on stage at the end.

JEN PSAKI: We did certainly see that. Uh-


PSAKI: Mindy. Mindy is her name. There you go.

For MSNBC, even a bit candidate gossip (which is the tone of Politico’s item on Mindy’s debut) is better than having to discuss the substance of the debate.

On balance, it is certainly better than the serial misrepresentation of the candidates’ stances on the issues and, in the case of both Psaki and Sanders-Townsend: far better than having to defend the ongoing dumpster fire at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.