Scarborough: If You Think Trump's Behavior Wasn't Thuggish, You're 'Fat'

June 9th, 2017 1:59 PM

Joe Scarborough, the GOP representative-turned- MSNBC-host was up to no good, bloviating on Morning Joe Friday morning about James Comey’s Thurday testimony.

Scarborough tore into those with the audacity to disagree about the nature of a conversation he didn’t hear, and went on the following diatribe about Trump’s meetings with Comey:

You see, if you have any other interpretation of the events that Scarborough didn’t witness, like, perhaps, that the President’s actions were uncouth at best and inappropriate at worst but never rose to the level of legal obstruction, it’s because you “live in your mother’s basement.”

Uncompromising in his elevation of civil political discourse, Scarborough doubled down, insinuating that such dissenters and particularly those who write dissenting sentiments in electronic format were “fat”. Using his evidently expansive knowledge of public health, he also suggested that such folks “jog a little bit”. One wonders how often Joe engages in such activity.

Read the full June 9th transcript below:

6:07 AM ET

SCARBOROUGH: We're talking about human nature, and I think sometimes we disconnect from human nature too much when covering these stories. I guarantee you, if I'm your boss and I call you in and I want something done but I don't want to leave any fingerprints... ‘Hey, Mike, how are you doing? You do a good job. Do you like your job? Do you like your job?’


SCARBOROUGH: I hope you know how many people want that job. Now, I'm serious, let's --It's human nature.

BRZEZINSKI: It's goading.

SCARBOROUGH: Okay, hey listen, could you do me a favor, could you see your way clear to drop that investigation you're having on Mark Halperin. I can just tell you right now, that is not a request. Anyone who is a grownup that has ever been in a professional setting, certainly a legal setting knows that is not a request. And Republican fools that are suggesting and fools on talk radio and fools blogging, suggesting that's just a request, you seriously embarrass yourself because you have been living in your mother's basement, eating cheetos and blogging your entire adult life. And by the way, go out and get some sun on your face and jog a little bit. You're getting fat.