With No Sense of Irony, Nicolle Wallace Thinks 'We Are Covering a Goat Rodeo'

June 8th, 2017 5:03 PM

Yeehaw...or the whatever the goat-dominated equivalent of the trite rodeo cheer may be.

Nicolle Wallace was on MSNBC Live, an antebellum carnival in its own right, Thursday following the James Comey hearing, to cover the fallout of the testimony. After talking about the "cutest" moments of the day and using "wacko" as an adjective, the former George W. Bush communications director claimed that the way the Trump administration is handling matters in the Russia investigation are reminiscent of a "goat rodeo":

Meanwhile, the same press corps that barely covered any Obama-era hearings for the scandalous behavior of the former President and his staff, are the ones incubating the news cycle with either tired or fallacious stories that creates the impression of "chaos" or, to use Wallace's odd turn of phrase, "a goat rodeo."

Wallace's great grandfather was supposedly a vaudevillian, so one can presume she has a family history with goat-ridden performances.

Read the June 8th transcript below:

NICOLLE WALLACE: I mean, now we know why he hired Mark Kasowitz. I mean, this is just wacko stuff. I mean Maggie Haberman quotes 30 people a day who get on the phone and talk about their interactions with Donald Trump. So I mean Kasowitz--

CHRIS HAYES: (laughing) Which are privileged.

WALLACE: Kasowitz is going to be busy if this is what Donald Trump hired him to do. I mean this is just crazy stuff. Comey was under oath, he was asked questions and he answered them in a forthright manner. If you put anyone-- half the people that work this administration under oath, they would answer it the same way. They probably wouldn't be as forthcoming. I mean, literally, The New York Times and The Washington Post has 30 source stories every day. So I don't know how Mark Kasowitz is going to keep up with him if every person that talks about their face-to-face encounters with Donald Trump is investigated, and investigated for what? I mean, what are they investigating Comey for doing?

HAYES: There is no criminal violation. Right.

WALLACE: What Comey put out through a friend from Columbia law school was really just a corroborating piece of information about an interaction that Donald Trump tweeted about and said, I have tapes. So let's play this tape thread along for a minute. Trump said, wait until I release the tapes. Comey said 'yay', or 'Lordy', or whatever the heck he said that was the cutest moment of the day. He said, yay, there are tapes, well so, here's what happened and you'll see it, too, on those tapes that Donald Trump has. It's ridiculous, and I think we have to stop and acknowledge that we are covering a goat rodeo.