Seriously? MSNBC Host Mocks Scott Walker for Philly Cheesesteak Order

July 29th, 2015 2:20 PM

On Wednesday, MSNBC host Tamron Hall jumped on a non-story about Governor Scott Walker’s recent visit to Philadelphia in which the GOP presidential hopeful allegedly “got a tough lesson” for, wait for it, ordering a Philly cheesesteak with American cheese rather than cheese Whiz.

The MSNBC host lectured Walker that “[if]f you're going to order Philly cheesesteak in Philly, you gotta do it the right way. First, Walker was escorted to the front of the long line at Geno's, a very popular, iconic shop. Then he ordered a sandwich in the way that was just wrong.”

After the MSNBC host played a clip of Walker eating, Hall gleefully highlighted how “[o]one tweet sums up local reaction. ‘Scott Walker cut in line at Geno’s to order a cheesesteak with American cheese and no onions. He’s not getting out of Philly alive.” 

The MSNBC host eventually admitted that she eats her cheesesteak with “ketchup,” which many might consider ordering the sandwich the “wrong” way, but that didn’t stop Hall from taking an unnecessary partisan swipe at the GOP candidate.