MSNBC Mistakenly Promotes Anti-Obama Gag Website

June 12th, 2008 5:57 PM

Updated with video (19:55 EDT)

MSNBC has been criticized as being in the tank for Barack Obama. And so today, when the Obama campaign launched its own rumor-squelching website, MSNBC was all-too-eager to promote the site through several news bits.

But there was just one problem. For a time this afternoon, MSNBC mistakenly promoted a prank site (UPDATE: site has since been pulled and url removed from this post), as opposed to the actual Obama site

While the Obama site denies and denounces the viral internet rumors, the gag site satirically perpetuates and builds upon them! Fair warning: the gag site deserves a bad taste alert.

Upon discovering the mistake, an on-air MSNBC correspondent issued a correction mid-afternoon. Chris Matthews is going to have a different kind of tingle over this one.