Romney Reduced to 'Smelly Hobo', Chuckles Humor-Challenged Stephanie Miller

January 25th, 2013 7:00 PM

Never ceases to amaze me how little it takes for liberals to amuse themselves.

It wasn't enough for left-wing radio host Stephanie Miller to criticize Mitt Romney as petty for not attending President Obama's second inaugural, as one could reasonably do. No, Miller and her sidekicks denigrated Romney as someone now reduced to weeping in a fetal position (hence, less than fully human), pumping his own gas (the horror!) and, even worse, a "smelly hobo."  (audio clip after page break)

Uh, aren't liberals always spouting off about their deep abiding concern for the "working class" -- many of whom can be found pumping gas on a regular basis, either on the job or en route to it -- along with their deep abiding concern for the homeless, aka "hobos," as they were called those many decades ago during Miller's youth.

Here's a transcript of the hi-larious discussion (h/t for audio, Brian Maloney at --

FREQUENT GUEST KARL FRISCH, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Hey, what do you think Mitt Romney was doing during the inauguration?

MILLER: Uh, rocking in the fetal position, weeping, weeping silently.

MILLER SHOW PRODUCER CHRIS LAVOIE: Pumping gas at his local La Jolla gas station.

MILLER: Right, looking like a smelly hobo.

FRISCH: Sounds good to me.

MILLER: OK, all right, yeah, I thought that was, you know, ahem, poor loser, I'm just saying. I know, everyone's like, oh he's not an elected person, so, but George Bush wasn't there either. I mean, it's just unprecedented, this sort of, I think, disrespect for the office.

Right -- unprecedented. One must go back all the way to the Bush years to witness such contempt for the presidency. Flash forward since then and liberals now demand reverence and genuflection for the same office.

On Wednesday, Miller and Lavoie were yukking it up with purported comedian Hal Sparks and Current TV's Jacki Schechner about that viral video showing Mrs. Obama appearing to roll her eyes in response to something said by House Speaker John Boehner or between Boehner and the president.

"In that same video you can kind of see Mrs. Boehner maybe grabbing some silverware and putting it in her purse!" Lavoie chortles.

Which comes across as eerily similar to what was being opined on other left-wing sites before Lavoie said this, at Democratic Underground, for example, and College Candy, along with Gawker, and here at a site with a title too vulgar too repeat here, to name just a few.  Almost as if Lavoie was provided with a script, though in fairness, at least what he said sounded original.