Former 'Time' Editor Disappointed Mueller Report Didn’t Provide Narrative

June 11th, 2019 5:08 AM

It’s no secret that Democrats are very disappointed that the Mueller Report did not give them the smoking gun that would finally end the Trump presidency. Instead, they have been forced to expand their search in the continuing efforts to remove the President from office.  

On a Monday segment of Morning Joe, former Time editor Walter Isaacson was asked by Associated Press White House Reporter Johnathan Lemire why the Democrats should even bother putting on these “show hearings” related to the Mueller Report. He responded by saying that the purpose is to build a narrative:


JOHNATHAN LEMIRE: Walter, it’s Johnathan, let me get you on the same topic here to use Kurt’s phrase it’s “show hearings” that’s gonna happen here in the House. Do you see any lessons from history that could be applied? But more than that, is it possible this is going to do more harm than good to the Democrats and allow Republicans to sort of paint it as, this is just a nonsensical display? 

WALTER ISAACSON: I think the main thing to do with these hearings is something that we lack, and if I may say, the Mueller report lacked. It was one of the things that disappointed me. Which is a clear narrative. We tell -- we make sense of facts by weaving them into the stories in a narrative way that they happen. And we don't have a narrative of the entire corruption that was at the heart of the Mueller report. The entire sense of approving of really bad things and approving of obstruction of justice. And so I think if it gives us a narrative, it will be useful. I think if it's a lot of shrill hearings of people just shouting and trying to grandstand, it will certainly backfire against the Democrats. And it's a reason that they should not proceed towards impeachment if it's just going to be that. 

The Mueller Report, once again, found neither sufficient evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia to affect the 2016 election, nor could definitively conclude that the President obstructed justice. The facts are there, but it is not enough for liberals in the media. 2016 is simply never going to end.