CBS Precedes Bush Speech with 'Criminal Minds' Announcement

January 11th, 2007 1:39 PM
Washington Post media writer Tom Shales noticed how CBS introduced yesterday's Bush speech, but said it was only a "regularly scheduled program."
CBS viewers, especially those who are always suspecting the network of tilting left, may have been jolted by the recorded announcement played during the closing credits of "Armed & Famous," the show that preceded the president's speech on the network. Said an announcer: " 'Criminal Minds' is next, here on CBS."

That, of course, was the regularly scheduled program, the one to which CBS rushed back at about 9:29.

Here are how the Big Three networks introduced Bush's Speech (HT TV Newser):

Katie Couric on CBS: "President Bush is about to deliver what is arguably his most important speech ever. He'll lay out a new strategy for the par in Iraq, a war he admits we are not winning but insists we still can and must win."

Brian Williams on NBC: "For the 20th time in his presidency and for about the next 20 minutes from the White House, President Bush will address the nation. Tonight's message has to do with a tough topic at a tough time. Moments from now, the president will announce he's sending over 20,000 more troops into the fight in Iraq."

Charles Gibson on ABC: "In just a moment the president will address the nation outlining a new strategy in Iraq. This speech has been two months in the making as the president has held wide ranging consultations in Iraq."