U. of Georgia Conservative Paper Vandalized

September 25th, 2006 1:40 PM
Liberals at the University of Georgia demonstrated their trademark tolerance by sabotaging the conservative student paper, The Georgia GuardDawg.

Reports the GuardDawg:

Vandals targeted the University of Georgia's conservative student newspaper, The Georgia GuardDawg, Thursday night, stealing over 1,200 newspapers and leaving incendiary and hateful remarks on their distribution bins. Seven of their eight bins on campus were affected. The Georgia GuardDawg had just released their September issue when the thefts occurred.

"Our September issue focused on the issue of free speech. Perhaps these violent individuals should read our paper first to learn the importance of free speech," Kirby stated. "Our principles of free speech and family values are ideals that these perpetrators do not want others to read. They oppose this common sense philosophy so strongly that they committed a crime."

Sean Berger, Distribution Director and a junior at the university, said, "My initial reaction was overall disbelief and shock at the intolerance of some of my peers. But, this is why I joined the GuardDawg in the first place-to combat the intolerance of campus liberals."

Brad Alexander, Editor-in-Chief of the GuardDawg, stated, "We're just a group of students trying to express our point of view. These acts of vandalism just prove our point that free speech is sometimes lacking on the college campus."