'The Passion' Still Beats 'Da Vinci Code' After 15 Days

June 7th, 2006 11:38 AM
Human Events Online

reports that "The Passion of the Christ" is in no danger of being passed up by "The Da Vinci Code" in ticket sales, even after 15 days.

As reported here earlier, The Passion of The Christ, which IMDb ranks No. 10 in U.S. box office sales for all time, continues to outpace The Da Vinci Code’s U.S. box office performance in head-to-head match-ups of day-by-day sales—a trend that continues to send Hollywood this unmistakable message: “Blasphemy doesn’t pay.”

Imagine it as a horserace between Passion and Code.

Passion, at the week three, Day 15 turn had sold $228,134,000 at the U.S. box office, while Code lagged behind at $172,656,000 in U.S. ticket sales....

So, for all the hype and millions poured into guaranteeing a break-out success, The Da Vinci Code doesn’t come close to a genuine blockbuster let alone this weekend’s leaders—The Break-up; X-Men: The Last Stand; and Over the Hedge.