Lou Dobbs Beats Brit Hume in Key Demographic

April 14th, 2006 8:50 AM
It was a fleeting victory, but one nonetheless. By taking a conservative tone with his constant broadside against illegal immigration, Lou Dobbs managed to beat Brit Hume in the 25-54 demographic last week.

Reports TV Newser:

A tipster asks: "Did you notice that Lou Dobbs beat Special Report with Brit Hume last week in the Demo?" Well, no I didn't, but thank you for pointing it out! Using TVNewser's daily scoreboard, here's a 6 p.m. ratings track from the week of April 3:

SHOW: M / T / W / T / F

Hume: 185 / 183 / 215 / 222 / 189

Dobbs: 159 / 269 / 186 / 233 / 198

That's an average of roughly 199 demo viewers a night for Hume, and roughly 209 a night for Dobbs. (Notice how Hume's viewership is more constant than Dobbs though.) Hume still had more total (older) viewers...