Dem Media Outlets Shut Out Lieberman for Lamont

August 23rd, 2006 3:57 PM

What an obnoxious post at the official Lamont Campaign blog. Let me get this straight, to hurt Lieberman, his opponent is bragging about what looks like a fascist tactic of denying someone an ability to be heard via the Internet? Is that what Lamont's idea of democracy is? I hardly see this as a positive, and certainly not something worthy of bragging about.

And these vendors who are allegedly denying Lieberman service don't have much to brag about either. Suddenly independent, or heaven forbid, Republican dollars are no good, assuming one happened along? That isn't business. It's trying to close off debate and limit one's speech. There was a time when I thought that was precisely what the Democratic Party was about.

Evidently it's no longer true. And bragging about it on his website does not make Lamont look Senatorial at all. I thought he kicked the web kids off the show for the general election? Pity the Lamont Campaign has absolutely no class. I hope the voters of CT do.

But there’s even more interesting information on that front. It seems major Democratic technology groups are turning down Senator Liberman’s(sic) (Lieberman-CT) offers to provide technology support in his go-it-alone re-election campaign.

First was Blue State Digital. When approached by the Lieberman campaign, their response was “Thank you for your inquiry about Blue State Digital’s technology services. Unfortunately, we cannot be of service to the Lieberman campaign. We work exclusively with Democratic candidates.”

Many ironies here, folks. First, Blue State Digital does our technical work, and provides our tools for meaningful online participation. That Senator Lieberman’s staff didn’t know that is another sign of their web-incompetence. Second, it’s the Blue State tech team we offered to send them on election day as they cried foul over their website “hack” to anyone with a camera, microphone, or steno notepad.

And after Blue State Digital, Plus Three closed the door as well. In a similar fashion, the company told Senator Lieberman to find another vendor, they too will not work with the Connecticut for Lieberman Party.

I wonder … what Democratic technology vendor would work with Senator Lieberman this election cycle? With all the damage he is doing to the Party in CT and across the country, coupled with the online support we have earned … who?