Projection: Kimmel, Meyers Falsely Claim GOPers Are Triggered by Biden Attacking Doocy

January 27th, 2022 4:30 PM

Even though President Biden and Fox White House correspondent Peter Doocy have both moved on after the former called the latter “a stupid son of a bitch” on Monday, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel and NBC’s Seth Meyers decided on Thursday to spend nearly 15 minutes falsely claiming that the Republican Party has spent the week obsessing over Biden’s expletive when, in reality, it’s the far-left “comics” who seem to have nothing else to talk about.

Kimmel spent large portions of his monologue fixating on Donald Trump (because leftists miss him terribly), but he took time to lash out at Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt for knocking his comments from Monday’s show that Doocy “is indeed a dumb son of a bitch.”



The ABC host stated without evidence that “Doocy of the Fox Imaginary News Channel” isn’t “a reporter, but” merely a “guy who puts on a little show” while “ask[ing] stupid non-questions to waste everyone's time.”

Reacting to a clip of Schmitt praising Doocy’s questions, Kimmel called him “Dipschmitt” and jokingly wondered: “[W]ithout hard-hitting, conservative heroes like Peter Doocy, who would stand up to ask our leaders tough and meaningful questions like this?”

Before insisting “both sides of the aisle” find Doocy to be a “stupid” person, Kimmel played three Psaki Show clips (plus one from 2017 to the late John McCain about Trump) that were actually a self-own as they were perfectly normal and on subjects such as government surveillance, harassment of public officials, and Ukraine.

Over on NBC, Meyers’s faux comedy act dithered away for 11 minutes and 13 seconds, claiming “Republicans and right-wing pundits who support Donald Trump have spent the last few days pretending to be outraged over a hot-mic moment in which President Biden insulted a Fox News reporter.”

Earth to Seth: Spending over 11 minutes on a TV show bashing someone or a group of people for (supposedly) being obsessed with something actually reflects worse on you.

Tying in the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, Meyers said the Doocy story illustrated the need for Senate Democrats to ram through a pick because it “once again proved in order to be a Trump supporter, you have to lobotomize the part of your brain responsible for shame.”

To be clear, Meyers is referring to over 75 million Americans, but because Meyers possesses deep-seated hatred for people whom he differs on policy and voting, it’s all well and good for the press.

Meyers reiterated that half the voting population consists of braindead invalids, insisting they collectively believe that “Trump learned his lesson” after each and every controversial tweet.

Discussing Biden’s expletive, Meyers joked it was “pretty sweet” and akin to the President being “cut off on the interstate” or how “two old guys greet each other.”

Meyers included a throwaway line about how presidents shouldn’t insult people, but quickly explained it was fine because (a) Doocy asked “a stupid question” and (b) he’s not Donald Trump, who lashed out at reporters for not doing things like covering “deranged conspiracy theories about the Biden family” (and specifically Hunter Biden’s laptop) (click “expand”):

MEYERS: And, look, ideally, the President would not lob insults at anyone, including reporters, but if we're being honest, you know, it was kind of a stupid question. I mean, really, does Biden think inflation is a political liability? What's he supposed to say? “No, no, I think it's good that gas and ground beef are more expensive. I'm gonna cruise to re-election on the strength of Subway's $6 foot-long.” [LAUGHTER] Anyway, all in all, I do have to say, both Doocy and Biden have handled this incident well. Doocy laughed it off, said he wasn't owed an apology and Biden called him to tell him, “it's nothing personal, pal,” which does strike me as kind of a non-apology apology. You called him “a stupid son of a bitch.” [LAUGHTER] If it wasn't personal, then what was it? Business? [LAUGHTER] “That's how we seal the deal in Scranton. You agree to the terms, shake hands, look each other in the eye and say, ‘you stupid son of a bitch.’” [LAUGHTER] But let’s just get the false equivalency out of the way: No, this isn't even remotely like Trump, who repeatedly whipped his crazed fans into a frenzy by hurling insults at reporters and calling them the enemy of the people. Calling one person an SOB and then apologizing for it is not the same as unrepentantly hurling a constant stream of verbal abuse at reporters and threatening to punish or imprison them or change the laws to target them. I could give countless examples of this, but here's just one — random one I happen to like, when Trump called a reporter a criminal in 2020 for not reporting on his deranged conspiracy theories about the Biden family during the election.

JEFF MASON [on 10/19/20]: Your campaign strategy seems to be to call Biden a criminal. Why is that? 

TRUMP [ON 10/19/20]: He is a criminal, he's a criminal he got caught. Read his laptop and you know who's a criminal? You're a criminal for not reporting it. You are a criminal for not reporting it. Let me tell you something. Joe Biden is a criminal, and he's been a criminal for a long time and you're a criminal in the media for not reporting it. Good luck, everybody have a good time [LAUGHTER]

MEYERS: Now, you can't tell them to have a good time after you call them criminals. The only way that works is you're at the Legion of Doom Christmas party.

Meyers’s bitter rant wound down with two attacks against Republican congressmen who commented on the incident and a tiresome conclusion that, based on his worldview of the right, “[t]his is one of those seemingly trivial moments that actually reveals something fundamental at the heart of modern Republican politics: In order to be a successful Republican today, you simply have to have no shame[.]”

This case of projection and smear of Doocy and tens of millions of people was made possible thanks to the endorsement of advertisers such as Energizer Batteries and Tums on ABC and Crest and Geico on NBC. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

To see the relevant transcripts from January 26 and 27, click here (for ABC) and here (for NBC).