Hateful CNN: ‘Abysmal,’ ‘Appalling,’ ‘Divisive’ Trump Speeches Promoted ‘Racism’

July 7th, 2020 6:20 PM

Like they did in refusing to carry President Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech live, CNN did the same with his Saturday remarks at the White House. Instead, they gave viewers their spin instead of letting them hear the speech for themselves.

The President’s remarks were again twisted with host Ana Cabrera and assembled pals condemning both speeches as “abysmal,” “appalling,” “divisive,” “stoking division,” “dog-whistles,” and “appeals to racism” that didn’t speak to all Americans.



First reflecting on his Mount Rushmore speech, Cabrera griped that the “embattled President” dared to reflect on our history, claiming he’s “ignore[d] a crisis” in coronavirus. As usual for Zuckerville, there was not a scintilla of disagreement. 

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley concurred and called Friday’s speech “an abysmal performance” and a “bad speech” that was being followed with a “tepid Mall ceremony.”

“I think a bit more humility and being a little more somber and preaching love and unity would go, I think, further in history,” he added, complaining that Trump’s “a political operator, instead of a healer-in-chief.”

Huh. Ironically, Brinkley perfectly described CNN and its partisan chicanery, showing no regard for journalism.

While the President was speaking, Cabrera complained that Friday’s speech “was incredibly divisive” and Brinkley bemoaned how Trump’s defense of our Founding documents, Founding Fathers, and the promise of American wasn’t “a very smart strategy” but rather “division and chaos games.”

Things got even dumber when Brinkley dismissed the President invoking famous Americans who weren’t President as if to suggest he did so disingenuously and then Cabrera told chief political correspondent Dana Bash that Trump hasn’t been speaking “to all Americans” (click “expand”):

BRINKLEY: [F]or some reason, President Trump is under this idea that if he just throws out names from the history, the Wright Brothers or Neil Armstrong or, you know, Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglas, they're all great and I'm great and I'm the protector of them, his view is that I'm protecting the famous people in the past that are the names everybody knows. Well, when Barack Obama was President and what Obama did, said, let's open up our history narrative, so Obama was able to save a site for Buffalo Soldiers, Charles Young in Ohio, African-Americans who fought in the military and Obama was able to create sites for Harriet Tubman and for Native Americans down in Bears Ears, Utah that would be administered by native tribes. A President this late in the 21st century, 2020, you want to open the inclusion of American history and the women. This is the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote, but it was only white women, not African-Americans, but he had an opportunity, I think, to have a different tone. Instead, what he's doing is using the monuments, I'm a defender of Mount Rushmore, they're not going to rip it down over my dead body, and kind of giving a schizo [sic]  — just a strange, let's say, view and interpretation of America's past, but it's just to get his base going and I thought it was unfortunate to be doing these buildups on our 4th, the day of national unity. People did not die at D-Day or Iwo Jima saying I'm a Republican, I'm a Democrat, I'm Trumpian, I'm for Biden. We die as Americans, and he needed to unify us, and he's doing the opposite.

CABRERA: Everyone, please stay with me. I want to bring in a couple of our colleagues who will be joining us at the top of the hour for our special Fourth of July programming coverage....Dana, let me just ask you a little bit more about what we've seen from the President this weekend on a day that is, you know, such an important day for all Americans and yet the President has still continued to really only speak to his base, not to all Americans this holiday weekend.

Ah, so Cabrera followed Brinkley by inadvertently describing how CNN willfully operates in refusing to speak to all Americans!

Only after the President finished speaking did CNN discuss it while airing a scant 30-second soundbite to serve as a highlight.

White House correspondent and Jim Acosta-wannabe Jeremy Diamond projected more America-hating drivel, insisting that Trump “tripl[ed] down on these culture wars and stoking division, as he so often does” while “painting the left-wing as some kind of a boogie man that is trying to indoctrinate your children, trying to end America as we know it.”

Diamond added after the clip that while Trump did say that “no matter every race, color or creed, we are one America,” he didn’t actually mean it since “there is perhaps no other president in modern American history who has sought to divide Americans by race and by background” than Trump.

“[W]e are continuing to see these appeals by the President, these dog-whistles, appeals to racism in America. And certainly, it is troubling and it is jarring to hear the President make these remarks, particularly on the Fourth of July when you typically hear American presidents make appeals to unity in the country,” Diamond opined, showing no regard for facts.

Take note, conservatives. No matter what you’ll say, CNN will still brand you as a racist and of the foulest tradition if they so choose.

After a break, there was more lunacy from Brinkley and then CNN contributor Kate Andersen Brower (click “expand,” emphasis mine):

BROWER: [T]his President feels more comfortable calling up strong men autocrats like Putin and Erdogan than he does calling his most immediate predecessors, you know, Barack Obama, George W. Bush asking them for advice. I think that it's dangerous for the country, really, when we're facing this unprecedented pandemic that he is dividing and not seeking to unify. And it's also kind of baffling that he — he really has this sense of patriotism and like I said before, he hugs the flag, and he has so many flags in the Oval Office, but yet he has real disdain for the four living men who came before him. And there is this President's Club, his fraternity of people who know what this position is like and it's important. You know, JFK reached out to all three living predecessors during the Cuban missile crisis. At a time of great peril in our country, it would be helpful if Donald Trump was more patriotic and did reach out to the men who came before him.

CABRERA: Doug, what will historians say about the moment that we're in in this presidency?

BRINKLEY: Ana, this July 4th, Donald Trump is showing us how Joe McCarthy would have acted if he had become President....[H]ere you have a President of the United States on July 4th, in the middle of a ceremony on the National Mall, TV cameras around the world using the opportunity to divide our nation, to call his opponents radicals, and good for nothing anarchists and the like. This is appalling....This is a day to fortify the morale of all Americans and to — to really try to build the community that is the United States of America and one may have thought of Mount Rushmore, he was doing it as a Friday night speech and maybe a weird one-offer from the campaign trail, but to come back down and double on it today, you know, it — it deludes from the majesty we're seeing from the aerial show and the wonderful aircraft that saved our democracy in Korea and the Berlin Air Lift in World War II and the like because Trump's message is about himself and it's about dividing the nation. He has zero sense of history....This is not the way a President should be behaving at a time of a pandemic when we need to be pulling our country together[.]

This is CNN where it’s hate first, not facts first.

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