CNN Censors, MSNBC Barely Carries Trump Speech at Mount Rushmore

July 4th, 2020 1:55 AM

On Friday night, CNN and MSNBC put on display their hatred for America by either completely ignoring or barely covering President Donald Trump’s 42-minute speech at Mount Rushmore that offered a full-throated defense of the four Presidents engraved in the South Dakota mountainside, who have come under attack by a liberal media hellbent on poisoning Americans into trashing those who came before us.

CNN refused to carry a single second of the speech. Instead, they ran previously-aired specials on blaming the President for the country’s coronavirus response and then how bats in carry viruses like COVID-19. MSNBC wasn’t much better, airing only four minutes and 44 seconds live, which worked out to just over 11 percent. Of course, the Fox News Channel carried the speech in its entirety.

According to the MRC’s recording system, the President stepped to the microphone below Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota at 10:50:54 p.m. Eastern time, but it wouldn’t be until 11:00:42 p.m. Eastern that MSNBC joined for the first of two excerpts, which ran for a scant three minutes and 24 seconds.

Why? Well, The Beat host Ari Melber and his panel of America-trashing, far-left journalistic hacks couldn’t stomach anymore. Repeatedly, Melber insisted that MSNBC wouldn’t debase itself to serve as another C-SPAN for Trump.

Melber complained in that first pull-away:

The President of the United States there speaking at part of this Independence Day weekend event. We just heard him say something that had been previewed by the White House and that we’ve been reporting: the argument that people seeking change or the opponents of the President are seeking to somehow disgrace, as he put it, every presidential face on Mount Rushmore. As our experts and others have argued, it may be more complex than that. It is 9:04 p.m. In South Dakota. We'll continue monitoring the speech for any newsworthy events, as promised.

Sorry, Ari, but how else should one characterize spending the hour-plus prior with guests trashing the event as a “dog whistle,” honoring of a country that’s condoned slaughter of Black and Native Americans, part of stoking a “racial cultural war,” “unsafe,” and giving voice to our country’s history of “white supremacy?”

Melber would relent exactly 13 and a half minutes later, dipping into the President for one minute and 20 seconds before the control room cut him off for a commercial break.

And from there, the President was not to be heard from again (even in highlights) before Melber ended MSNBC’s live programming for the night at 11:43 p.m. Eastern.

Alas, we were instead told to rely on Melber and his cast of leftists for their interpretations of what the President said, fixating on a passage acknowledging the arrest of the so-called mastermind in the attempt to bring down an Andrew Jackson statue in Washington.

For its part, CNN wouldn’t return to live programming until midnight Eastern with a CNN International simulcast. In that first hour, they only aired a 58-second soundbite of Trump calling on Americans “of every race, in every city, and every part of this glorious land” to “protect and preserve our history, our heritage, and our great heroes” because “we will not be intimidated by bad, evil people.”

It should be noted that this was an even worse showing for CNN than their paltry effort back on June 20 for the President’s Tulsa campaign rally. Our Scott Whitlock crunched those numbers and found that CNN begrudgingly carried live three minutes and 25 seconds (or 3.4 percent) of that event.

In the case of MSNBC, Mount Rushmore was an improvement if one could even call it that since they aired three minutes and 45 seconds (or 3.7 percent) of the Tulsa rally.