Late Night Shame: ‘SNL,’ Colbert Can’t Condemn College Antisemitism

May 11th, 2024 1:30 PM

“Saturday Night Live” had a second chance to address the raging antisemitism on today’s college campuses.

Swing, and a miss!

The new skit, inspired by the violent protests at Columbia University, proved as toothless as the last one.

The former, targeting the Ivy League presidents who couldn’t condemn antisemitism on their campuses, trained its firepower on the GOP politician grilling them.



The just-released sketch shows parents of college students grappling with the latest round of protests. Veteran “SNL” player Kenan Thompson draws some chuckles as a Columbia University parent, but the material sidesteps the violence and morally warped behavior engulfing the New York campus.



It gets worse.

The show’s “Weekend Update” segment soft-pedaled both the antisemitism on display at Columbia University and the unchecked violence which trashed a campus building.



Co-anchor Michael Che tut-tutted said violence during his comments Saturday night.

Officials at Columbia University complained that protesters broke windows and destroyed property …But, so what? College kids also do that when they win the Final Four … Also, if you don’t want students to freak out, stop telling them the truth.

No word about the Jewish student beaten by protesters earlier this month. Che and co-anchor Colin Jost also couldn’t be bothered to trace the liberal dark money behind the protests, the promotion of Hamas talking points and other toxic campus trends.

The show couldn’t mock viral videos showing how clueless many protesters are throughout the country.



Also ignored?

The Jewish student blocked by pro-Palestinian protesters from attending his own college. And that doesn’t include the pro-violent chants, students praising North Korea and other moral indignities.

“SNL” failed on every level. And they had company.

Late-night comedians are also doing their best to ignore the raging protests. Nothing to see here. Move along.

They’ve been doing just that for months, even when Jewish students were told to hide in the attic during one violent protest.


Stephen Colbert finally addressed the raging anti-Israel protests in his backyard last week on CBS’s “The Late Show.” He suddenly found himself caring about free speech on college campuses following the Columbia University riots.

Colbert yawned when conservative after conservative got shouted down, canceled or physically attacked on campuses nationwide.

Now, with some college protesters getting arrested for illegally occupying buildings and destroying property, suddenly Colbert found his “Truth to Power” voice.

And it’s not just at Columbia. Yesterday, cops arrested at least 100 protesters at UT Austin. This morning they arrested at least 30 protesters at UNC Chapel Hill. Yes, college administrators are using the classic de-escalation tactic of sending in heavily armed police and threatening to call the National Guard.

Seth Meyers wasn’t much better.

The former “SNL” star attacked the police summoned to quell the riots, not their violence or antisemitic nature.

As a New Yorker, I just want to say I really appreciate knowing that this is where my tax dollars are going: using drones to round up co-eds rather than, say, keeping libraries open or building affordable housing or making sure the F train isn’t a total piece of s***

Now, imagine if a single black student was beaten by Pro-Life protesters. Or, even worse, MAGA hat types. Would late-night comics be similarly silent?

Of course not.

When Jewish students are targeted, harassed and attacked, late-night comedians can’t rally to their defense.


Wrong party.

The protesters are uniformly Left-of-Center, and the Democrats need them to vote early and often come November. Yes, they’re chanting “Genocide Joe” today, but they won’t support GOP candidates up and down the ticket.

And, if properly coddled, they’ll likely return to the Democratic camp.

It’s why President Joe Biden waited so long to finally stand up for Jewish students on campus, knowing his far-Left friends in Michigan may not rally to his side if he defends Israel or its people. This is the same president who based his 2020 campaign run on the Fake News that Donald Trump called Nazis “very fine people.”

Actual Nazis now stalk college campuses.

This also explains late-night’s morally warped response to hate, violence and more from the far-Left.

It’s all about politics. Period.