Has the Left Tired of Michael Moore’s Shtick?

June 19th, 2009 12:55 PM

Whenever Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore releases a new documentary the reaction in the press is typically jubilant. Rave reviews. Fawning interviews which rarely ask tough questions. Oscar buzz aplenty.

But this time could be different.

Moore’s last film, “Slacker Uprising,” didn’t go straight to DVD. It went straight to download. Now, Moore’s catching heat from Movieline.com, the online film magazine which routinely taunts conservative targets like Gov. Sarah Palin. The site’s new Moore-related post swats the filmmaker for a less than sharp attempt at marketing his upcoming film about the country’s economic collapse. The movie blogger sets up his critique here:

Obviously, I don’t want this blog to get quoted on redstate.com or wherever, but there’s so much manufactured badness here:

This is only one example of a left-leaning site deciding not to carry water for Moore. Maybe Moore Nation (AKA the MSM) will fall in line soon enough. But with a liberal in the White House, the need on the Left to rally around Moore’s polemics decreases dramatically.

If that’s the case, there’s a better than average chance movie critics and entertainment reporters alike will see through Moore’s Everyman persona.

Christian Toto is a contributing reporter for The Washington Times, MovieMaker Magazine and boxoffice.com. He blogs about film at whatwouldtotowatch.com and at The Denver Examiner. This piece was originally published on June 17 at the Big Hollywood blog.