MRC’s Brent Bozell Calls Out Ramos; ‘Is He a Reporter or a Political Hack’ Hiding from My Offer to Debate?

September 1st, 2016 4:38 PM

Earlier this week, I publicly challenged Jorge Ramos to a debate about what the proper role is of journalists in our free society. Ramos hasn’t responded. That is because he knows that his violation of journalistic standards is flat out indefensible.

In recent days Ramos has attacked the Republican candidate for President personally, viciously and unequivocally. He's called Donald Trump a "hater” and a “threat to the American experiment.” He's said the country is on the verge of an “abyss…named Donald Trump.” He has even called on fellow journalists to ditch their neutrality, and "to take a stand” against Donald Trump.

We have called on Univision to bench this so-called "news" anchor, since he's now clearly become a liberal political activist. When confronted by our charge on CNN's Reliable Sources, Ramos was even more insincere, dishonestly claiming he is "just a journalist asking questions." Ramos couldn’t be more clearly invested in favoring one candidate over the other. Ramos is doing a great disservice to both his viewers - and the field of journalism - by parading himself as anything other than a political activist.

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So I challenge Mr. Ramos to debate me. Is he a reporter or a political hack? Is he practicing journalism, or political advocacy? A man confident in his position would have no problem participating in a debate, yet this man who questions everyone is nowhere to be found when questioned himself.