CNN's Cuomo Likens Heartbeat Bill to 'Jim Crow,' Slams GOPer's 'Bulls***'

April 12th, 2019 11:38 AM

On Thursday's Cuomo Prime Time, Chris Cuomo obnoxiously compared heartbeat bills that protect unborn babies to the Jim Crow laws that oppressed black Americans for generations as the CNN host moderated a debate between liberal contributor Jennifer Granholm and conservative guest Niger Innis.

He also accused Innis of "spreading bulls**t" as the CNN host promoted the discredited myth that federal funding does not bolster Planned Parenthood's abortion activities.



After beginning the segment by recalling the recent passage of a heartbeat law in Ohio, and the fact that other states are considering such bans for abortion after an unborn baby's heartbeat can be detected, Cuomo brought aboard his guests and made his Jim Crow comparison:

I will stipulate here at the beginning, I don't believe this is about states believing these laws are going to stick, it's about pushing the envelope and seeing what happens and what they can agitate at the Supreme Court level, but as you heard of, I liken these to Jim Crow laws because I saw that as the same pernicious intent. Let's codify it, let's solidify it at the local level so at least we're starting with a base, and then we'll try our luck and see how long we can keep it this way.

The liberal Granholm then praised Cuomo's analysis as "totally right."

As he set up a question for Innis, Cuomo objected to Innis's history of calling some abortions "infanticide," commenting, "Roe V. Wade is only infanticide if you want to call it that."

As Innis argued that most Americans have a view on abortion that is "in the middle" between the more extreme points of view, Cuomo looked confused as he followed up: "How are you in the middle on whether or not someone's got a right to choose?"

When his conservative guest brought up late-term abortion, Cuomo was in denial about states like his home state of New York as he followed up: "But who did late-term abortions? What state made late-term abortions okay?"

After Innis brought up the effort by a state legislator in Virginia to make abortions easier to get up until the moment of birth, Granholm jumped in to complain, "Stop this BS right now. That is BS." She then claimed that states are just "trying to codify Roe versus Wade."

 A bit later, as Innis commented that conservatives are in a stronger position to defund Planned Parenthood, Granholm jumped in to misleadingly claim that the performing of abortions does not benefit from taxpayer funding: "Planned Parenthood does not use any federal funds for abortions. Just do not spread these lies."

When Innis argued that claming Planned Parenthood does not benefit from federal dollars since money can be "moved around," Cuomo jumped in to bolster Granholm's position: "You have no proof they do. So when you spread it, it's bullshit. That's why she's telling you, 'Don't spread BS,' if you can't prove it."

Granholm went on to obnoxiously mock the label "pro-life" as not really being pro-life because conservatives do not support liberal amounts of spending on welfare programs for Americans with children.