CNN Hosts Laugh at WSJ Trashing Hannity, Conservative Media

February 13th, 2019 11:26 AM

On Wednesday's Early Start show, CNN hosts Dave Briggs and Christine Romans appeared amused at a Wall Street Journal editorial attacking conservatives like FNC's Sean Hannity for having success in lobbying President Donald Trump.

In the first of four similar briefs that ran during the two-hour morning show, co-host Romans recalled Hannity's recent criticism of the bipartisan deal on border security: "Fox News host and frequent presidential advisor Sean Hannity again blasting the border compromise deal."



Then a clip of Hannity from his Fox News show called the compromise "pathetic," and a product of the "D.C. sewer and swamp." He went on to call on President Trump to declare a national emergency to acquire more funding for a border wall.

Romans then added: "This is what the Wall Street Journal editorial board thinks of conservative TV's influence on the President."

She then read from the Journal piece:

The restrictionist talk show right is trashing the deal, and Mr. Trump's grousing Tuesday may reflect that criticism. But these are the same critics who have coaxed Mr. Trump to crash into one immigration dead end after another. They seem to think Mr. Trump's duty is to fail repeatedly in the service of the politically impossible. The next time they give good advice will be the first time.

Briggs exclaimed, "Wow!" and laughed, and Romans made a similar exclamation when the brief was read again later.