CNN Gives Liberal Activist Forum to Bash Trump on Migrant Child Death

December 15th, 2018 10:47 AM

On New Day Saturday, as CNN continued to cover the story of an illegal immigrant whose seven-year-old daughter died possibly of dehydration after he illegally transported her across the desert, the show gave an unchallenged forum to liberal activist Sandra Cordero to complain about the Trump administration's handling of illegal immigration as if such deaths were the government's fault.



After a report by correspondent Ed Lavandera in which the CNN reporter noted criticism that the Department of Homeland Security waited a week to publicly discuss the girl's death, the show then brought aboard Cordero, and co-host Christi Paul began by asking whether the father or the government was to blame.

Cordero - director of Families Belong Together Coalition -- responded; "I think this is definitely a result of inhumane immigration policies and the lack of compassion, the lack of kindness, just basic (lack of) human decency that this administration applies across the board toward refugee seekers and asylum seekers."

After co-host Victor Blackwell asked for clarification, she added:

This is just this administration's complete, systemic cruelty towards asylum seekers. These people were turning themselves in to their legal right of asylum, and the government has made it very difficult for folks looking for asylum to be able to do this, and so they have to go to these outposts that are far away from large ports of entry because of the militarization of the border and because of our inhumane immigration policies.

In fact, during the Obama administration, there were also many illegal immigrants who crossed at dangerous points like deserts and rivers. So current illegals who cross the desert are, in fact, not a reaction to a change in asylum policies under the Trump administration as liberal activists have been recently claiming.