Mitchell Still Pushing Debunked Claim Trump Kicking Immigrants From Military

July 9th, 2018 8:39 PM

As previously documented by NewsBusters, last Friday, several MSNBC shows seized on a misleading article by the Associated Press which suggested that large numbers of immigrants serving in the U.S. military are in danger of being kicked out by the Trump administration. But, as explained on several Fox News shows, the rejection of about 40 recruits was just a normal part of the recruitment process that even happens to some American citizens.

Not surprisingly, on Monday, the MSNBC shows that hyped the article did not issue any correction or clarification of their previous reporting. In fact, host Andrea Mitchell even pushed the story again on her afternoon MSNBC show as she interviewed former Obama administration Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.



At 12:27 p,m. Eastern, nearing the end of the interview, the MSNBC host asserted that the claims were true "according to all reports." Mitchell:

I've been wanting to ask you another question about our troops -- our immigrant troops who -- according to all reports -- the Pentagon is now breaking the contracts and dismissing immigrants who have signed up because of, among other things, a path to citizenship.

The record that I understand from many of these troops is that they are, first of all, needed, that they're valuable volunteers, and that they have had exemplary service. What's your experience as Defense Secretary?

Panetta praised the service of immigrant troops and expressed his hope that the contracts would be honored by the Pentagon.