NBC's Todd Asks John Lewis If Trump Should Be Impeached

January 17th, 2017 7:48 AM

In a pre-recorded interview which aired on Sunday's Meet the Press on NBC, host Chuck Todd actually brought up the possibility of a President Donald Trump being impeached by Congress in the near future as he discussed Democratic Rep. John Lewis's assertion that he would not view Trump as a "legitimate" President.

The show also employed some dodgy editing to hype the interview at one point when it plugged Todd asking Rep. Lewis if he would be willing to "share a stage" with Trump, as the clip made it appear that the Congressman hesitated five seconds before answering, even though there was no pause when Lewis was shown answering the question later in the show.

About 28 minutes into the program, before a commercial break, Todd teased: "And later, more of my interview with Congressman John Lewis and his feelings about Donald Trump." Then came a clip of the NBC host from the interview: "Can you imagine ever sharing a stage with Donald Trump?"

Rep. Lewis was then shown with a blank stare for five seconds until the commercial break began as if he were reluctant to give an answer.

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Toward the end of the show, when they returned to the interview, Todd was shown asking the complete question which was partially edited earlier: "Can you imagine ever sharing a stage with Donald Trump? Donald Trump came to you and said, 'You know, I want forgiveness here, I want your trust,' or 'I want your,' you know, would you take him to Selma?"

The Congressman was then seen apparently giving an immediate answer that he would be willing to appear with him in Selma, although he would not be the one to invite the President:

REP. JOHN LEWIS (D-GA): Well, by going to Selma like President Bush, President Clinton, President Obama, maybe he would learn something. Maybe he would get religion.

CHUCK TODD: So you would bring him? You would do that for him if he asked?

REP. LEWIS: I would not invite him to come.

TODD: You would not invite him. But if he asked to come, would you let him?

LEWIS: I wouldn't try to do anything to prevent him from coming.

Moments later, Todd brought up impeachment: "If he's not a legitimately elected President in your mind, there are tools that Congress has. Do you think Congress should use those tools? Do you think -- are you one of those that believe the impeachment process should begin?"

The two went back and forth:

LEWIS: I truly believe we should find out what happened and how it happened.

TODD: John McCain wants a special committee, select committee of some sort.

LEWIS: Well, I agree with Senator McCain.