Jon Stewart Mocks GOP as 'White Man's' Party and Jabs Concerns About Nuclear Iran

January 4th, 2012 12:40 AM

On Tuesday's The Daily Show on Comedy Central, as he recounted the racist newsletters that were published in the 1990s under the name of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, host Jon Stewart mocked other GOP candidates after clips of them attacking Paul for not taking seriously the threat of a nuclear Iran, suggesting that the candidates were not so concerned about racism. (Video below)

Moments later, as he mocked Republican voters for adding former Senator Rick Santorum to the list of candidates they are willing to consider, Stewart took another race-based shot at the Republican Party as he used a box of Whitman's chocolates as a prop and pronounced the brand name as if it were "White Man's."

After showing clips of the candidates criticizing Paul's willingness to allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, Stewart cracked:

They're main problem with Ron Paul isn't the racist conspiracy-mongering newsletters! It's because he won't pre-agree to start a war with Iran. That's like hating the TV show Work It because it's only a half hour long.

He then moved to the news that Santorum's poll numbers in Iowa had risen last week, and made his second suggestion that Republicans are racist:

Get the f[bleep] out out of here. Santorum? Really? Republicans, you gonna try every chocolate in the box? Is that, look, look, here's your candidates. Here's your candidates. Let's call it a "White Man's Sampler."

Below is video of the relevant portion of Tuesday's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central: