Olbermann to Accuse Bush of 'Terrorism' Scare Tactics in Monday 'Special Comment'

October 23rd, 2006 10:56 AM

On Friday's Countdown, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann previewed what could be one of his closest steps yet towards falling off the edge of the Earth in far-left Bush-bashing in the form of his latest "Special Comment" segment. Two days after suggesting that President Bush poses a greater threat to America than the terrorists for not granting habeas corpus to terror suspects, Olbermann previewed his next "Special Comment," planned for Monday, attacking a "Republican scare commercial" featuring clips of Osama bin Laden, which Olbermann characterized as "meeting the dictionary definition of terrorism" because of its "scare tactics." Olbermann further accused Republicans of "doing the terrorists' work for them by trying to terrify Americans." (Transcript follows)

On Wednesday's show, Olbermann had already come close to suggesting that some of Bush's actions could be viewed as terrorism. The Countdown host not only referred to the government "becoming just a little bit like the terrorists," but he also labeled some of Bush's "invocations" as "terroristic," and compared the wish of a 9/11 planner to end America to what President Bush himself "has wrought." Olbermann: "One of the terrorists believed to have planned the 9/11 attacks, you told us yesterday, said he hoped the attacks would be the beginning of the end of America. That terrorist, sir, could only hope. Not his actions nor the actions of a ceaseless line of terrorists, real or imagined, could measure up to what you have wrought...These things you have done, Mr. Bush, they would constitute the beginning of the end of America."

Near the beginning of Friday's show, Olbermann showed a clip of an RNC ad featuring Osama bin Laden, and then mentioned the ad again in an interview with WashingtonPost.com's Chris Cillizza. After the interview, Olbermann went on to plug his Monday "Special Comment," a complete transcript of the plug appearing below:

Keith Olbermann: "And about the Republican scare commercial. Does it not meet the dictionary definition of terrorism? A 'Special Comment,' Scare Tactics: How the Republicans are willing to do the terrorists' work for them by trying to terrify Americans. Monday here on Countdown, 8 and Midnight Eastern, 5 and 9 p.m. Pacific."