CNN, MSNBC: ‘Far-Right’ ‘Hardliners’ Are Shutting Down the Goverment

January 12th, 2024 4:19 PM

Left-wing cable networks CNN and MSNBC are desperate to blame any potential hiccups in the government funding fight on the conservative wing of the Republican Party. As the deadline for Congress to pass a spending bill approaches, reporters on both networks have been stewing over “hardliners” and their “far-right” demands during budget negotiations.

It’s always the same double standard during government funding talks. When Republicans don’t hold the trifecta of the White House, the House of Representatives, and a supermajority in the Senate, these networks demand that Republicans “play ball” with Democrats, chiding. Elections have consequences, they chide. But now with a slim Democratic majority in the Senate and Biden in the White House, the same reporters scoff and gawk at Republican Representatives for not rubber-stamping whatever spending bill the Democrats demand.

Take a look at the uniform language these talking heads are using to describe conservative House Republicans:



On Friday’s Inside Politics, CNN host Dana Bash opened a segment on the budget negations with this stilted commentary:

Republicans in disarray, again. Another House GOP rebellion paralyzes the House as hardliners lose patience with their new Speaker.

When Johnson came out and announced on Friday afternoon that thus far he was planning on sticking with the deal he’d cut with Senator Schumer, CNN and MSNBC anchors struggled to strike a balance between relief and concern.  CNN News Central host Brianna Keilar was cautiously during the 1pm ET hour: “House Speaker Mike Johnson showing that, for now, he is resisting the pressure from Republican hardliners in his party.”

But just two hours later during the 3 p.m. ET Katy Tur Reports on MSNBC, the titular host remained worried: “Republican hardliners are trying to pressure Speaker Mike Johnson on spending. What happens if he caves?”

But of course we already know the answer. If Johnson is convinced by the Freedom Caucus to back out of the deal, what happens is the entire left-wing media complex blame the impending shutdown on Republicans. They always do.