STUDY: More LGBT Bomb Threats, but TV News Media Remain Totally Silent

June 14th, 2023 11:37 AM

Liberal TV news networks haven’t breathed a word about several new bomb threats against Target from alleged LGBT activists.

In a May 31 study, NewsBusters found that liberal broadcast (ABC, CBS, and NBC) and cable (CNN and MSNBC) networks had completely ignored a series of bomb threats made against Target in late May. Now two weeks have passed, and despite another spate of bomb threats from the left with nearly identical wording, the TV news media still have not spent even a second on the story.

The threats accused Target of “betraying the LGBTQ+ community” by moving their pride month-themed merchandise to less prominent displays in several stores. That same language was used in the bomb threats from late May, which resulted in the forced evacuation of several Target stores.

Fortunately, law enforcement have found no explosives at any Target locations.

It’s not as though these networks are unaware of Target’s role in the culture war. They’ve been feigning outrage for weeks about conservatives boycotting the store:

While the above networks did not give these latest threats any televised coverage, they came close a few times.

On the June 1 edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, GLAAD president Sarah Kate Ellis falsely alleged the conservative backlash against Target had included bomb threats:

“This is not, ‘let’s boycott, here’s a sign-on letter.’ This is AK-15s, this is ‘we’re coming to destroy the store,’ this is bomb threats.”

Naturally, nobody on the panel corrected her — nor did they ask her to explain what an “AK-15” was.

That was the only almost-mention on any of the regular networks. However, NBC’s streaming service, NBC News Now, did feature three other edge cases.

The first was during the June 2 “Meet The Press Now,” in which Forbes contributor Josie Caballero, like Ellis, falsely claimed that outraged conservatives had made bomb threats against Target. And as with MSNBC, host Chuck Todd made no effort to correct his guest.

It wasn’t until June 13 that somebody on NBC News Now would specifically cover these bomb threats and the motive behind them. On that day, two shows featured brief mentions of the latest threats, and included the fact that they were ostensibly sent by enraged LGBT activists.

Even The Washington Post covered this story — albeit in an article whose intentionally vague headline insinuated that the threats had come from the right: “Target stores see more bomb threats over Pride merchandise.” Predictably, the actual origin of the threats was buried eight paragraphs into the article.

Of course these networks don’t want to talk about terroristic threats made by their own side, because it would make their side look bad. That much is obvious to everyone. But it doesn’t make their silence any less appalling.

If you haven’t yet, take a moment to watch the video above. As you do, bear in mind that while these segments aired, bomb threats were being sent to Target stores across the country by furious LGBT activists. Medhi Hasan’s theatrical tirade is particularly ironic when viewed in that context:

“I should point out here that threatening violence, or behaving violently, for political purposes, is the literal definition of terrorism.”

You’re absolutely right, Medhi. Maybe you should cover the terrorism.