Journalists Have Learned Nothing From the Laptop Fiasco, and They’re Not Sorry

April 13th, 2022 12:16 PM

Despite all the media “debunking,” fact-checking, censoring, and Russia-ing back in 2020, Hunter Biden’s laptop has proven to be legitimate. Given how aggressive the press were in their coordinated effort to tar the story as a wacky conspiracy theory, you’d think they might have learned something from their mistakes.

But they haven’t learned anything.

Instead of the apology that America rightly deserves from the media, we’ve received only excuses and flippant dismissals.



Journalists like Anne Applebaum at The Atlantic are still pretending the laptop has no relevance, while others, such as CNN’s Brian Stelter, deny that the media ever even suggested it was Russian disinformation.

If you’re curious about the media establishment’s mindset right now, The Atlantic’s recent conference on disinformation should tell you all you need to know. Imagine the sheer audacity of these journalists, to host such an event so soon after being exposed in the biggest media coverup in recent memory.

They’re not sorry. They’re not even ashamed. By all means, enjoy the embarrassment while it lasts, but don’t accept their excuses and non-apologies. Don’t let them live this one down.