WATCH: NBC's Grotesque Town Hall Double Standard

October 16th, 2020 1:07 PM

NBC has now hosted a town hall event for both presidential candidates, and to nobody’s surprise, yesterday Savannah Guthrie was several orders of magnitude harder on Trump than Lester Holt was on Biden last week.

Guthrie was combative right out of the gate, almost immediately chastising the President for attending an event with gold star families: “Shouldn’t you know better?” She spent much of the evening interrupting her guest, often to argue against a point assertion he’d just made.

By contrast, softball players would be justifiably offended if one were to mention their sport in describing Holt’s questions for Biden. In fact, the majority of his prompts could be seen as setups for the Democratic nominee to go after his opponent. For example: “A recent poll said 65 percent of Americans think the President bears some responsibility for contracting this virus. Do you agree?”

To see a back-and-forth comparison between NBC's treatment of Trump and Biden, watch the video below: