NYT Scoffs at 400+ 'Skeptical' Scientists, Elevates 44 Green Southern Baptists

March 11th, 2008 11:42 AM

Remember when more than 400 scientists were revealed as "skeptical" about global warming hype? The New York Times's Andrew Revkin blogged about it, saying the "perennial tug of war" was actually "a distraction from fundamentals that are clearly established."

Of course, 44 Southern Baptists who buy into the green agenda received a respectful print story in the March 10 Times, widely quoting the church leaders saying things like: "when we destroy God's creation, it's similar to ripping pages from the Bible."

Actually, the man behind that statement, Jonathan Merritt, isn't really a church leader, according to the article - he's a 25-year-old seminary student. But he's "the spokesman for the Southern Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative." He used to be "an enemy of the environment," until he had the "epiphany" quoted above.

Such double-standard reporting on sides of the climate debate is standard for the networks, as the Business & Media Institute's new report shows. In "Global Warming Censored," BMI reveals how actors, musicians and just plain men on the street are used as voices in support of global warming hysteria.

400+ scientists or 44 Southern Baptists? Take your pick.