The Daily Show Labels It 'Unmoderate' To Keep Boys Off Girls' Sports Teams

February 23rd, 2024 10:00 AM

If Donald Trump is the threat to democracy that the late night comedy shows claim he is, you would think that The Daily Show’s Desi Lydic would put policy differences aside and support Nikki Haley, but you would be wrong. On the Thursday edition of the Comedy Central program, Lydic argued that, on some issues, Haley is worse than Trump and has some rather “unmoderate” positions on women’s issues, such as protecting the integrity of women’s sports.

Lydic was condemning what she claims is a media tendency to portray any Republican who didn’t storm the Capitol or claim the election was stolen as a moderate, “Is Nikki Haley the moderate in the race? Because when you actually take a look at her policies, they aren't that different from Trump. She also wants to build the wall. She also wants mass deportations. She's also opposed to Obamacare and the Paris Climate Accords and, in fact, on abortion she's even more extreme than Trump.”



Clearly, Lydic needs to watch more of the media if that's what she thinks the media's definition of a moderate Republican is, but nevertheless, she further lamented that “she supports a national ban after six weeks before most women even know they are pregnant. At six weeks, the symptoms are fatigue and stomach issues and women can't take a pregnancy test every time they get bubble guts.”

As Lydic tells it, Haley is a woman who doesn’t care much about women, “It's not that she doesn't care about women's issues, it's that she has a very unmoderate idea about women's issues are.”

Haley was then shown at a CNN town hall from June 2023, declaring, “The idea we have biological boys playing in girls’ sports, it is the women's issue of our time.”

An incredulous Lydic responded, “Really, Nikki? That's the women's issue of our time? Not abortion access or equal pay or even how to part your hair so teens don't bully you? I never thought I'd say this but Nikki Haley is so bad at knowing what women actually want, I think maybe her husband should order for her at restaurants.”

Problems with the actual argument notwithstanding, if Lydic can’t even offer up a definition for the word “women,” how can she possibly be upset they don’t receive equal pay or that Haley has a messed up idea of their most pressing issues? 

Here is a transcript for the February 22 show:

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11:06 PM ET

DESI LYDIC: Is Nikki Haley the moderate in the race? Because when you actually take a look at her policies, they aren't that different from Trump. She also wants to build the wall. She also wants mass deportations. She's also opposed to Obamacare and the Paris Climate Accords and, in fact, on abortion she's even more extreme than Trump. 

She supports a national ban after six weeks before most women even know they are pregnant. At six weeks, the symptoms are fatigue and stomach issues and women can't take a pregnancy test every time they get bubble guts. 

It's not that she doesn't care about women's issues, it's that she has a very unmoderate idea about women's issues are. 

NIKKI HALEY: The idea we have biological boys playing in girls’ sports, it is the women's issue of our time. 

LYDIC: Really, Nikki? That's the women's issue of our time? Not abortion access or equal pay or even how to part your hair so teens don't bully you? I never thought I'd say this but Nikki Haley is so bad at knowing what women actually want, I think maybe her husband should order for her at restaurants. So, most of her policies aren't more moderate than Trump and if you ask her, she as herself doesn't identify as a moderate.