NBC Report on McCain's Death Followed by Disturbing Talent Show Act

August 27th, 2018 10:44 AM

Senator John McCain passed away on Saturday at 4:28 pm local time at his home in Arizona at the age of 81. According to his daughter Meghan McCain, he was with family at the time of his passing. NBC News interrupted their Saturday night programming of America’s Got Talent to bring a somber and respectful look at the life of John McCain. What NBC didn’t account for, however, was what was playing after their special report was over.



Twitter user Rob Beschizza was the first to notice the odd situation. His video of the incident has a combined viewership of over 5.5 million views at press time. The America’s Got Talent audition, which involved two men in dolphin masks using air pumps to simulate the squeaks of the animal, was part of a rerun episode. The act, titled ‘Dolphin Love Story’ ends with the two men kissing with their dolphin masks. Judge Howie Mandel called the bit “important.” Watch the full act at your own risk.

NBC News cannot be held fully responsible, as TV Director Ron Gilmer noted:



It is hard to feel bad for NBC, though. After all, it was a rerun. Gilmer had a final point to add: “since Comcast bought NBC that place has turned to sh*t.” Perhaps next time a bit more awareness will be shown when an iconic and beloved statesman passes.