Womp, Womp: Omarosa's New Video Unveiled on MSNBC Is a Big Flop

August 21st, 2018 9:49 PM

On Tuesday evening and following a whirlwind of a news day, Omarosa dropped a massive nothingburger while appearing on MSNBC’s Hardball. Host Chris Matthews peppered her with questions, in an attempt to have her get to the bottom of whether or not Trump is guilty in the eyes of the liberal media. Spoiler alert: he is.



Omarosa paraded out a short video to match her brief time with the Trump administration. All the video consisted of was a short clip of Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen visiting the campaign’s private plane in 2016. Womp, womp.

Omarosa’s alleged treasure trove of audio and video clips turned out to not be all that great. However, that hasn’t stopped her from amassing over 92 minutes of airtime across just two networks, according to the Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz. She also doesn’t have anything kind to say about her former coworkers:

“Kellyanne believes to alternative facts and she'll twist this in any way. And in Trump world, that's what goes. The truth is relative to them and they battle with reality. But the reality today is that the hammer came down on Donald Trump both with Cohen and Manafort.”

Matthews began asking about Omarosa’s cooperation with the Manafort investigation. She replied:

“They asked me a wide range of question. And I will be very careful. Today changed everything. This is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump….Because he knows that the person who knows everything about him, about his relationships with these women and others that people may not know about, are going to come to light.”

It is impossible to tell not only who this person is, or what they exactly have in their possession. What is clear is that Omarosa enjoys the spotlight and she, along with the rest of the liberal media, are convinced Trump is guilty even though no charges have been brought against him.