Washington Post Claims They Aren't Advocates for Amazon

July 23rd, 2018 4:04 PM

In an article denouncing President Trump's weekend attacks on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his properties, the Washington Post claimed it was not lobbying for Amazon. The article stated: "Post editors have also rejected Trump’s accusation that The Post has supported Amazon’s interests." This would be somewhat believable if author John Wagner didn't spend a good portion of his article praising the online retailer.

Wagner used words such as "behemoth" to describe Amazon, and makes sure to let us know that they are the “nation’s biggest online retailer.” He also quotes The Post’s publisher Frederick Ryan Jr. using Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' familiar name:

"The Washington Post operates with complete independence in making all news and editorial decisions. We alone decide what to publish. It is preposterous and disingenuous to suggest that The Post is used to advance Jeff’s other commercial interests.”

Editors for The Post also weighed in:

“The reality is he didn’t present any evidence that we were lobbying for Amazon,” Post executive editor Martin Baron has said in response to a previous Trump attack. “The reason is because there is no evidence.”

Yet, last month The Post reposted an article from Bloomberg Opinion titled 'You're Probably Not the Amazon of Anything.' The purpose of the article was to dissuade other companies from comparing themselves with Amazon, because it is impossible to compare with Amazon. Author Shira Ovide claimed that other companies want to ride the wave of Amazon's mass success:

"Mostly, though, it’s a way for companies to get a contact high from Amazon’s reputation as a consumer-friendly, innovative company. The phenomenon isn’t new, but the Amazon comparisons seem to increase with the company’s market value and profile."

The Washington Post may claim that they have no part in advocating for Amazon, but they sure have an odd way of showing it.