Howard Dean: Scott Walker Says Obama Born In Kenya

February 23rd, 2015 9:07 PM

How unhinged has Howard Dean become? So bad that an MSNBC host had to gently walk him back off the ledge.

On Chris Hayes' MSNBC show tonight, Dean claimed that Scott Walker says Barack Obama was "born in Kenya."  It took Hayes two attempts to break through Dean's blather, but eventually he was able to politely point out: "I should note, you mention the Kenya thing, he has not been asked that."

Note: A Googling indicates that, as Hayes said, Walker has not been asked where Obama was born, let alone claimed that he was born in Kenya.

HOWARD DEAN: He [Scott Walker] is catering to the right wing. The trouble with that is he's going to have the same problem that Mitt Romney did. He's going to say some things that are hard to live down. Because the average American voter doesn't want to know, they want to know that he thinks, he respects the presidency and obviously you can't respect the presidency if you think he's, you say he's not a Christian, he was born in Kenya, and all of this other crazy crap. He's now catering to the crazy wing of the Republican party. That's great in the primaries but it's going to come back and bite him in the general election. 

CHRIS HAYES: Yeah, we should note that he hasn't been asked --

DEAN: It's also going to make him--if he's not careful, he's going to be unavailable for vice president. Now, I think he could beat Jeb Bush, but I also think he doesn't want to, he doesn't want to go too far out there; he's not going to be acceptable to be on the ticket at all. 

HAYES: Well, I should note, 'A', in terms of you mention the Kenya thing, he has not been asked that.