Univision Gives San Juan Mayor Top Billing, Even During Storm Coverage

August 31st, 2019 12:36 PM

Univision never misses an opportunity to showcase its media darling, especially if it’s during coverage of a storm.

The clip below is a neat distillation of what coverage of Puerto Rico has been reduced to, especially at Univision: Cruz v. Trump.

VERONIQUE ABREU, REPORTER, UNIVISION: The Mayor accused President Trump of being a liar, a racist, and of suffering from verbal incontinence.

CARMEN YULÍN CRUZ, MAYOR, SAN JUAN (D): Donald Trump suffers from verbal incontinence, he doesn’t know when to stop, and believes that everything has to...it’s all about him. An insult from Donald Trump is, in reality, the acknowledgement that he knows that I am different from him.

That the battered island was spared the worst of then-Tropical Storm Dorian is indeed great news. Unfortunately, Univision displays its narrow agenda and overt biases by going directly to the mayor for reaction to news and events of the day. 

Mayor Cruz again attempted to stir up cheap grievance by referencing the paper-towel tossing (which was debunked here). Lost in the story, or rather buried at the end, is the real lede: Mayor Cruz’ reluctant acknowledgement of the Trump Administration’s outstanding response to Dorian. 

All in all, the report continues to prove that Univision has little interest in understanding the situation in Puerto Rico, choosing instead to give airtime to the island’s most unpopular elected official. Univision shows, as does the national media, its appalling lack of interest in Puerto Rico unless it can be used as a cudgel against President Donald Trump.