Ramos Interrupts Salazar, Lets Liberal Dem Go on and on in 2024 Debate

June 6th, 2023 2:42 PM

On Sunday during his Sunday political talk show Al Punto, host Jorge Ramos flaunted his usual bias and virulent disdain toward the Republican Party during a debate between Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) and Congressman Adriano Espaillat (D-NY).

Ramos began by asking Maria if the new strategy employed by Republicans was to criticize President Biden for his stumble. As for Espaillat, he asked whether the Republican Party should be considered "Donald Trump's party," Ramos allowed him to go on and on in the affirmative. Expanding on his viewpoint, Espaillat claimed that the party lacks diverse voices and has transformed into a cult.



To provide some semblance of balance, Salazar argued the Republican Party is comprised of numerous voices, but Ramos naturally interrupted her. Of course, he didn't do that with Espaillat and instead posed a series of provocative questions to the Republican. Ramos also asked her how the Republican Party can support a candidate who has faced allegations of sexual assault, investigations for document falsification, and potential involvement in an insurrection. He even questioned whether the party condones soliciting votes that are not rightfully theirs.



Salazar countered by asserting that the liberal media refuse to address Hunter Biden's controversial dealings and the compelling evidence of wrongdoing by Joe and Hunter Biden. She suggested that the left-leaning media is neglecting to inform the American public about these issues. (For further information on these allegations, you can refer to the provided link.)

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RAMOS: To discuss this and her plan "Dignity" to legalize millions of immigrants, we have Republican Congresswoman María Elvira Salazar from Florida, and joining us from New York is Democratic Congressman Adriano Espaillat. Thank you both for being here. I greatly appreciate it. I would like to start by asking Congresswoman Salazar about President Joe Biden's stumble. Will that be the way to attack the Democratic presidential candidate in 2024?

SALAZAR: Well, I don't think there's a way to attack here. The empirical evidence is there. We know that the President of the United States has to be a person who is in full physical and mental capacity. We know that President Biden has been in politics for almost 50 years. It seems to me that to be President of the United States, you have to have a little more stamina, but that's not for me to determine. That's for the voters to determine.

RAMOS: But Donald Trump is 76 years old.

SALAZAR: Yes, but at least he physically and mentally seems to be a bit more alert. We're not saying anything against the President; we're talking about the fact that at 80 years old, age is starting to take a toll on him. But again, it's up to the American electoral system. They are the ones who will determine it, the people who hold the voting card in their hands.

RAMOS: Congressman Espaillat, I would like to ask you about the Republicans, your opponents. Is the Republican Party Donald Trump's party? And are there enough candidates you think could take the Republican nomination away from Donald Trump?

ESPAILLATt: It has seemingly turned out that way. However, a party should have different voices presenting different alternatives. But it has become a kind of like a cult, I would say. At least a faction of the party that obviously controls the narrative with its noise.

Ramos: Congresswoman Salazar, is the Republican Party Donald Trump's party?

SALAZAR: No, no, the Republican Party is a party that has different factions, and Donald Trump is one of the prominent figures within the party. But the reality is that nobody really knows anything here. 

RAMOS: Despite all these accusations, how can the Republican Party have a candidate who has been accused, or is responsible for sexual abuse, or is being investigated for document forgery, perhaps inciting an insurrection, or asking for votes that are not rightfully theirs?

SALAZAR: You know what, Jorge? There are no saints here. The press doesn't report what happened with Hunter Biden. And I'm not saying that two wrongs make a right. I'm talking about nobody being above the law. But it's also true that it's not possible for there to be a computer with again empirical evidence against what Mr. Hunter Biden has done, and nobody wants to cover it. And the same son implicates the father, who is now the president of the nation.

RAMOS: You're stating it clearly.

Salazar: Nobody is above the law. What I do believe is that if it's good for one, it's good for the other. And the reality is that in this country's system, especially the press, they're not exposing the American people to the sins of both sides. Ramos: Congressman Espaillat, let me switch gears. I want to discuss with you and María Elvira Salazar about the project, the Dignity Plan.