Telemundo Decries Abbott ‘War on Migrants’

July 8th, 2021 9:23 AM

Somehow, Telemundo finds a way to associate a petting zoo at a parish in Mission, Texas with their agenda against Greg Abbott ahead of the 2022 gubernatorial campaign. Migrant children are portrayed as victims of a “war” against them, and Abbott is morphed into a monster due to his support of the border wall.

Watch Telemundo depict Abbott as a tyrant who exploits innocent families:



NACHO LOZANO: Donkeys, dogs, goats, and even a llama are the animals that a pastor in South Texas decided to introduce to his parish so that his migrant parishioners can relax as they pray. Edgar Munoz has the full story about this “Farm Church.”  


EDGAR MUÑOZ: Father Roy is here with Bendito and Charlotte. These are two of the several dogs, donkeys, goats, and even a llama which are the fascination of hundreds of undocumented immigrants who are surpised to encounter a farm at the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mission, Texas. Here, families eat, sleep, and Veronica tells us about a terrible tragedy. Just a month ago she was held hostage in a city in Reinosa. At gunpoint ten thousand dollars were demanded of her for her freedom and that of her seven year old boy. 


VERONICA: To watch him cry and be sad and desperate hurt me very much. 


EDGAR MUÑOZ: These are the tender faces of the children, with their immigrant parents, on whom the governor of Texas has declared war. To extend the border wall and detain them is the new offensive for his re-election campaign. It is incredible to watch this procession every morning with donkeys, with goats. There are three hundred immigrants who come out here to Mission to pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe. At the sound of the bells the immigrants go to the Church and are welcomed by the donkeys Niko and Calendario. The anxious children ride them in front of the altar. Father Roy is outraged at the lack of compassion from the government of Texas which wants to persecute them. 


FATHER ROY: It is sad...such a shame...Hopefully nothing happens but for years they have been threatening us with the border wall.


EDGAR MUÑOZ: Father Roy used a combination of faith and farm animals, for example in the goat whose name is Dolores del Rio. It brings joy to many migrant parents who arrive devastated with their children before they are reunited with their relatives in the United States. In Mission, Texas Edgar Muñoz, Noticias Telemundo. 


The fact that they are accusing the Governor of supporting the kidnapping of immigrants is ridiculous, as this is the type of activity that the border wall prevents. In this case, Telemundo is fine with showcasing religious organizations and the faith of these people to use for their own political agenda. Remember that the next time you see a big pro-life ruling in the courts. 

As the border crisis continues to escalate, Telemundo finds it more appropriate to play politics, and blame Greg Abbott in anticipation of the 2022 governor’s race.


Write to Taco Bell here for making these false assumptions about Texas available to you and participating in Telemundo's liberal agenda.