ANTI-GUN PROPAGANDA: Univision Smears Texas's New Open Carry Law

June 21st, 2021 4:23 PM

Once again Univision shows that its liberal biases extend beyond immigration. This time, the network misrepresented Texas’ new open-carry law recently signed by Governor Greg Abbott.

Watch as Univision anchor Jorge Ramos smears the new open-carry statute, by suggesting that Texans can bear arms without undergoing a background check:


JORGE RAMOS, UNIVISION: We now move to the increasingly problematic and defiant policies of Texas governor Greg Abbott. Today, he signed a law that would allow Texans to carry firearms without having to undergo a criminal background check. He said that it is a measure for liberty and self-defense. However, it happens at a time when the country is facing a mass shooting epidemic.  

We’re not sure whether open carry was “problematic” or defiant, “given” that the report also covered Abbott’s proposal to build fencing along Texas’ southern border. Univision sticks to its anti-gun narrative by framing the legislation against “a mass shooting epidemic”, but allows no coverage of opposing views and make no mention of the ongoing border crisis having anything to do with it. 

Univision made no time for Second Amendment advocates to address the legislation, but did spend a significant amount of time featuring an organization, Homies Unidos, who support both defunding the police and the BLM movement- two points of view that are way out of line with Univision’s viewers. 

Worst of all, Jorge Ramos’ introduction, with his statement that citizens can carry firearms without a background check, can best be described as active disinformation. Saying that the new law no longer requires a background check suggests that people may no longer need one in order to purchase a firearm. But according to the Texas LTC:

“In the event of a gun sale being made by a federally licensed gun dealer, the requirement is a federal background check for all handgun purchases, regardless if the sale is made at a gun store or gun show. Anyone who holds a current and valid Texas License to Carry is exempt from having a background check completed, even when purchasing at a federally licensed gun dealer.”

In other words, people still need to undergo a background check in order to legally purchase a firearm. Ramos’ vague wording made unclear what is otherwise common knowledge, and potentially leads viewers to understand that Texas is removing all restraints from firearm purchases- something that feeds the network’s anti-gun hysteria and is therefore in line with their liberal agenda.

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