Latino Media Suppress Hunter Biden’s Push to Prosecute Laptop Whistleblowers

February 6th, 2023 4:08 PM

Hunter Biden’s latest move to suppress the Laptop From Hell got exactly zero seconds of airtime at the Latino networks’ main newscasts, effectively rendering the desperate push to prosecute the whistleblowers of the sordid material found in his computer as unnewsworthy.

If nothing else, Hunter Biden's admission of the authenticity of both the laptop and its contents deserved prime-time slots at Telemundo, Univision, and CNN En Español. But of course, their meager reporting of the scandal involving the Biden family has ALWAYS been about something else, like the MRC Latino team found here, here and here.

We remember when news of the laptop first broke, and CNN En Español’s Juan Carlos López dismissed the story as “slanderous”, and having “little credibility”. It is past time for López to issue a correction from having said this on October 20, 2020:



The crime would be to report slanderous information. The crime would be to not do our jobs. President Trump can be upset, he can be outraged, but if the information is not verifiable it cannot be published. There is a debate over freedom of expression, and those who consider that they can say whatever they want and they can say it. But we, as a media outlet, only report and publish the information we verify- to not do so would be irresponsible. For that reason, regardless of how many attacks may come from the president, that information remains suspicious and has little credibility.

The standard treatment at the nation's main Spanish-language corporate media is to either suppress any news about Hunter Biden, deflect blame to Donald Trump “and his allies”, or to simply make the news about some other issue. This is what anchor Carolina Sarassa did for Univision's sole mention of Hunter Biden's new legal offensive, which was conveniently buried in their midday news edition on February 2 of this year:



CAROLINA SARASSA:  Meanwhile, Hunter Biden, President Biden's son, is now launching another offensive. Biden asked the Justice Department to investigate former President Trump's close allies and others who accessed and disseminated personal information taken from a laptop that was taken to a repair shop about three years ago. Hunter Biden denies evading paying the correct amount of taxes. That scandal, Borja, continues for many years.

BORJA VOCES: There's more to it.

Once again, the half-minute spent on the Hunter Biden scandal focused on former President Trump before shifting to the prodigal first son denying any wrongdoing about his taxes!

The flagrant bias in the Spanish-speaking press in their reporting of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal has become a habit, and we have the receipts. This MRC Latino study from October, 2020, for instance, found that the (now forgotten) Trump taxes received 24 times more coverage at both networks.

Which begs several questions: why do the Latino liberal corporate media insist on acting as a public relations arm for the Biden administration? Why do they continue to suppress information that their public deserves to know? Will Telemundo and Univision ever afford their audiences a fair analysis of the contents of Hunter Biden’s “Laptop From Hell”, with its implications on both his father's presidency and our national security? Can they at least bring themselves to cover President Biden’s son as much as they did the son of Mexico’s President Lopez Obrador?

At MRC Latino we will continue to monitor the way the nation's leading Spanish-speaking networks deliver news regarding the Hunter Biden laptop, especially as Chairman James Comer and Oversight Committee Republicans proceed to investigate the Biden family’s domestic and international business dealings.

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